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Dodgers: Joe Kelly’s Wife Ashley Sets the Record Straight on the Reliever’s Health

As Joe Kelly walked off the mound alongside Dodgers trainer Yosuke Nakajima after sustaining a bicep injury in game 5 of the NLCS, nobody really knew what the immediate future would hold for the right-hander. How hurt was he? Was that the last time we’ll see him in a Dodger uniform?

On October 30th the Los Angeles Times initially reported the following.

His status is complicated by the significant biceps strain he suffered in Game 5 of the NLCS. He won’t be ready for the start of next season, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

The author of that article has since updated the piece to remove that last line but the claim of Kelly not being ready for the start of the 2022 season still made its way around the internet and here on Dodgers Nation.

Now Joe Kelly’s wife is clapping back. Ashley Kelly posted on Instagram on Wednesday that the rumors of her husband’s demise may have been greatly exaggerated.

In the clip, which features the pitcher lightly throwing a plyo ball against the wall in a training room at Dodger Stadium, she writes the following.

Word on the Fake News Street is that Zad [she calls Joe “Zaddy”] won’t be ready for the start of the next season? Would anyone like to step into the box maybe next week to test that theory?

So this is where we’re at in the offseason, just in case you were wondering.

In other Kelly news, the Dodgers hold a team option over the right-hander for the 2022 season. Reports have the club expected to decline the $12 million option while possibly exploring a new deal at a lower rate. There is a $4 million buy out on the team option.

Of course, as we’ve already seen today… take these offseason reports with a grain of salt.

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  1. It’s clear that Jose Kelly’s wife wants to stay in L.A….I hope the Dodgers give him that opportunity!

    1. He’s actually from Corona, and I believe they live in Rancho Cucamonga. So who wouldn’t want to play close to home? And when not injured, he’s pretty dang effective. AND, he’s not afraid to throw at somebody if it’s warranted! ???

  2. He’s good when he’s healthy but he’s been injured, sometimes with mystery illnesses, too many times. I’d only give him an incentive contract based on how many innings he pitched.

    1. She played back at the dodgers for leaking that rumor because he faked it in the game to avoid injury cuz he didn’t agree with the analytics bullshit. So they played back at him leaking that rumor to hurt his off-season offers. Dirty game they playing. He was right to not want to pitch and hurt himself for their f-ups!!!!

      1. Daniel, can you provide evidence to support your claim? If not, it’s purely conjecture on your part. You know what the say about assuming things.

    2. The Dodgers love their mystery illnesses and injuries so they can manipulate the roster for certain matchups

  3. Fact, opposing players don’t want to face Kelly! Always feel he’ll be successful when entering the game.

  4. Please Do not sign Kershaw, Do not sign Jansen , Do not sign Seager ,unless he wants to move to third base .. trade Justin Turner and some prospects for matt champman …number one sign chris taylor … sign Max Scherzer … its a new day and a new team , its mookies and julio and walkers team now … lets make it easy for trea to stay in LA … joy is seeing the Padres , cards and giants sitting at home …. GO DODGERS !!

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