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Dodgers: Justin Turner Advocates For a New Alternate Road Jersey

The Dodgers home white jerseys are sort of legendary. They’ve been a part of the team’s history for a very long time now, and have come to define them at Chavez Ravine,

The good news is that those will never really go away. The Dodgers have made small changes like outlines and shading adjustments over the years of the franchise, but there is no indication there will ever be a drastic change. 

But the Dodgers also have a history of having some pretty cool alternate jerseys. The classic greys with the white piping have been a favorite for a long time, though they’ve gone with a cleaner look in the past few years. But Justin Turner took to Instagram today to advocate for the Spring Training blue jerseys, which have become very popular with fans.

What do you think? Would you like to see the Dodgers rock these on the road in 2021 and beyond? Let us know in the comments below! 

Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers made their first massive round of cuts of Spring Training by sending 27 guys out of big league camp. That list includes guys like Keibert Ruiz and Josiah Gray, two top prospects that most expected would stay in camp longer. 

Dave Roberts also revealed that Brandon Morrow would not be ready for Opening Day on Monday. Morrow has been on a throwing program and progressing towards a return, though it seems like he is still a long way away. 

Brusdar Graterol is another guy that may not be ready to go by Opening Day. Graterol was set back in his offseason program and could not get ready in time for the start of Spring Training. He could still be ready to go, but time is quickly running out. 

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  1. It’s common practice in some organizations to trot out different color scheme unis in any one season, such as the dbacks, or the rays and the padres. But I think it’s a classier look to just keep it simple and be you. Dodgers and yankees are a prime example of class. They never change their colors, unless its mandated by the league. I think its a noble idea, but I would like to keep it simple and classy. Home whites and road greys.

    1. I agree with your assessment, Rodolfo. We are an iconic team (like the Yankees). I think we should maintain that stance. As for JoJo and Keibert, we need to hang on to both for at least through next mid season. Both have high ceilings.

  2. As confirmed here, the classic “Home White’s” are iconic & should never change. But the road grey’s have undergone many subtle changes over the years & still look a bit “tired”. I think using Dodger Blue 294’s would be an excellent upgrade on the road – as long as it never turns into a rotating t-shirt shop of different styles & colors like some teams have done to boost jersey sales.
    Go Blue!

    1. The blue top and the grey pants would be a sharp road uni. Like they wore today versus the Sox.

  3. The trade value for Ruiz was higher a couple of years ago when he was a top prospect. Barring catastrophe there will not be any room form in the foreseeable future. Maybe move him for a right handed hitting outfielder. I really was hoping to see Gray this year.

  4. The blue jerseys look like softball jerseys. MLB has been afflicted with aweful uniforms in the past. No need for the Dodgers to add to them.

  5. I agree with JT about the blue spring training jersey being a road alternative. I think they look great and I purchased one to wear at games in LA and Arizona. I have been a longtime fan and love tradition but I don’t think this would have a negative effect at all. I think we should “back the blue!”

    1. I also love the spring training blues. Would be nice to see them in 2021 for some road games. After all we are World Champs. Think Blue

  6. Let’s go with the Blue shirts for a road jersey. Drive the Padre and Giant fans crazy seeing all that blue. They hate the Blue!

  7. I am in total agreement with Justin, utilizing the Spring Training Blue tops, as an alternative, on the road would be a welcome site!

  8. Its time for change just like the traditional Laker and Kings Jerseys it’s time for a change . Dodger Blue looks great with the Red Number it really stands out nicely.

  9. Nooooooooooooo!! Why does everyone want change? Change is not always for best. The Dodgers are a historical team with a brand that’s only matched by the Yankees. We’ve already had to suffer through the Lakers losing that tradition with their uniforms. Please stop it already! If fans want the blue jerseys, then buy them and wear them at the games. The Dodgers are known for Dodger Stadium, their uniforms, and their long tradition. I don’t want to see that ruined. We’re not the Rays, or Dbacks, or Padres, or any other team. Sorry JT, love you but stop it!

  10. The Dodgers road jersey should be grey with script “Los Angeles”. Period. It is iconic and was worn for their first three LA championships. “Dodgers” on the grey top just does not look good to me. The city name should be used. Interestingly, the LA script road jersey is their primary road jersey but its almost become their alternate with the “Dodgers” as the primary. I am not in favor of the Dodgers, or any other team, wearing batting practice jerseys during actual games.

    1. I noticed they always wear the scripted “Los Angeles” road uniforms when playing in Anaheim. If Anaheim is so committed to LA, maybe they should put the name on their jerseys too. Haha.

  11. They should wear classic white all the time. It’s not football where the quarterback looks for his guys.

  12. The home whites have been similar design since 1932, with the exception of the addition of the red number on the front in 1952 and the obvious change from Brooklyn to LA, in 1958. The road greys need to stay as they are too.

  13. Rotating away jerseys would be great. The spring training blues are great. But why not several shades of Dodger Blue. We need some cool shoes and helmets too.
    Oregon Duck Fan.

  14. Yes I agree they should make blue Jersey there road uniform I think there very cool.

  15. Those blues jerseys would be nice for Saturday and Sunday road games. Or pick a entire road series. Like against the California road games.

  16. I’m in favor of keeping the traveling grays just as long as you don’t keep the hat insignia “LA” on the sleeve, a few years ago they put Los Angeles in small script on the sleeve, I thought that was classier than the larger “LA”!

  17. To each his own but to subscribe to a softball version of an American League 70s idea of a professional image is not only asinine but embarrassing for the premier baseball club in the Majors.

  18. Here’s another idea, Dodger blues for all NL West games and traveling grays for all the other games. Gradually trsnsitioning to a 50/50 split! Any thoughts on this one?

  19. I don’t get why people like these. They look amateur to me plus the regular uniform is flawless and beautiful.

  20. Let the players decide. They’re the ones that have wear them. Personally, I don’t really care, as long as they win.

  21. I agree with Justin Turner with his suggestion! The Dodgers should experiment with the idea of wearing the Dodger Blue jerseys on the road at the very least! I also believe that the Dodgers should wear the same Dodger Blue jerseys at home on certain days of the week such as Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, etc. Besides, those jerseys should be worn against opponents such as the Angel’s or the Padres! The Dodgers should go big in 2021 and incorporate the Dodgers Blue jerseys at home and even on the road!


  23. Normally I’d stick with what’s working but throwing in the blue jerseys once in a while in San Diego and SF, as GCT pointed out, would be fun.

  24. Grey is for THE ROAD, ie road GRAY. You don’t just change the color because you feel like it. “Dodgers” or “Los Angeles” has ALWAYS been BLUE across a GRAY road uniform.


  25. How about someone tell Turner to stop customizing his jerseys into ridiculous v-necks? Can’t believe the team allows that.

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