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Dodgers: Justin Turner Defends NCAA Player After March Madness Loss

Sports can bring out the best and the worst in people. Dodgers fans have definitely gotten to see that over the last couple of years being on both sides of a World Series. But every once in a while, a fan takes a loss way too far. 

That’s what happened with Ohio State standout E.J. Liddell this week. After their disappointing March Madness loss to underdog Oral Roberts, Liddell received death threats and insults across his social media. Dodgers infielder Justin Turner quickly came to the defense of the 20-year-old star.

JT quote tweeted Liddell’s tweet showing some of the most vulgar insults he received in his DMs. The Dodgers veteran talked about being an athlete and what failure at the high level has taught him over his career. Here is a small excerpt from JT’s response:

We try to return the favor by providing you with big moments to cheer for and memories to pass down for generations. But failure is how we grow. Failure is part of any game. Understand it’s going to happen, but I can promise you, no athlete at any level is trying to fail. 

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