Dodgers: Justin Turner Says the Padres Ignited LA in 2020, Talks Budding Rivalry with San Diego

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner (it still feels good to say that) recently sat down for a one-on-one with SportsNet LA and dished on the Padres, LA signing Trevor Bauer, Mookie Betts’ impact, Spring Training without Tommy Lasorda, and more!

We react to Turner’s comments and tell you why you should expect a big season from JT in 2021! Plus, why the former All-Star is a first ballot Spring Training Hall of Famer!


On the Padres front, and the budding rivalry there, Turner pointed to the late season series down in San Diego as a spark point for the Dodgers in 2020.

Last year, playing those guys, the series down in San Diego — I think we lost the first two games — that really kind of sparked a fire underneath us and got us going. We had a team meeting and talked about getting things back together and not taking things for granted.

It’s often been talked about. That series against the Show Pads that was a “punch in the mouth” for the Dodgers. The Trent Grisham showboat home run off Clayton Kershaw that won the battle that day, but ultimately LA won the war.

But now the Padres are that much better and that much more locked and loaded in 2021. And it’s going to be 19 games of playoff atmosphere in the NL West. Adding to it, JT said he was happy to see the team that occupies Dodger Stadium south getting better.

We pay attention, we see what’s going on. We see the moves that they make and the guys that they’re signing and trading for. And, as a baseball fan, it’s great for the game to see teams going for it and spending money and bringing in free agents. It’s gonna be great for us to play those series again this year and the intensity that’s gonna go into them is gonna prepare us even more for the postseason.

Buckle up, Dodgers Nation! We might almost maybe have a rivalry brewing here!


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