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Dodgers: Ken Rosenthal Talks About Why LA is Interested in Josh Donaldson

Just less than a week ago, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Dodgers are still hot on the trail of free agent third baseman Josh Donaldson. Remember – Donaldson is off a phenomenal year – one that won him the NL Comeback Player of the Year Award in the National League.

Now, MLB Network has invited Rosenthal aboard to talk about why the Dodgers are so interested in Donaldson. Here’s a video of the segment before we break down the money quotes from Kenny.

First, Rosenthal talks in detail about why the Dodgers are interested in Donaldson. Perhaps they see Donaldson as a veteran who can get them over the top due to his personality type.

“I expect he’s going to do well, and anticipate he gets three or four years around the same salary amount of $23 million. The Dodgers are one team that are interested, and the reason that they are interested is the edge that Donaldson brings.

He is not your typical leader – in some ways and according to some – he’s an acquired taste. While he had some issues fitting in with the Braves last year, eventually those issues were resolved. He is the type of guy who shakes up a room, in the words of one Braves source; ‘he’s an alpha.'”

However, what about the shuffle on the infield if Donaldson is signed by the Dodgers? Next, Rosenthal speculates on that.

“Turner would have to go to first base and keep in mind he’s entering the last year of his deal. A move towards Donaldson or Rendon would be some stability long-term at third. I don’t know how they would play it with Seager and Lux and the elements they have always had, but the addition of a third baseman would add one more.”

Bill Ripken then (incorrectly) says he thinks Cody Bellinger is more valuable at first base then in the outfield, and to just give away Max Muncy to the American League if the Dodgers can get Donaldson. Still, I digress.

Finally, I believe there are some items in place with Donaldson that attract the Dodgers interest. First is his reputation as a ‘grinder’ or enforcer which they may see as something that is needed with the current core. Next is the fact they only have to commit to a shorter-term deal to sign him. Both of these things could be music to the organization’s ears.

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  1. Every one of these is bull. There’s no interest not that there should be with Donaldson because like Tim said we have a 35 year old third baseman and he’s already popular with fans and in the clubhouse. Moving Turner to first wouldn’t work Muncy plays there and Lux needs a chance to start at 2nd. Just sign what we really need and that’s pitching. Get Cole or Strasburg and Betances and take it from there. However, all the rumors surrounding those 3 are bull too most likely

    1. You know, psychology is a great tool for Friedman. He lets everyone know LA is interested in certain players and then doesn’t jump. That helps Jack up the price on those free agents. They sign elsewhere and that team gets on the hook for a big contract, while LA brings up the tools to keep on top. A WS title is going to happen. Just need to get the couple arms we need. We will get there.

      1. Sure that’s good to do on most of the free agents but the Dodgers have needs too and should sign some these guys like Cole and Betances. They can jack up the price for the other FA

      2. I kind of feel like the interest reported in Donaldson is genuine. The shorter term deal fits the Friedman regime. Plus I think they believe this attitude he brings could put them over the hump (far fetched, or not).

        1. I’m sorry, Clint, but I don’t believe what you say and I’m sure that all Dodgers fans don’t believe it either. Too many recent disappointments prove it and unless Friedman does something about it, it will be the same BS again. Watch the attendance drop in 2020.

  2. WHy does a team have to spend hundreds of millions on a free agentwhen 4 million fans come pouring into Dodger Stsdium every year regardless. Sorry Dodger fans not gonna happen!

  3. The Dodgers gave Puig away for a wink and a smile, and now they’re looking for an enforcer with an edge.

  4. I’m sure Donaldson will want a multiple-year contract so the short term is a dream. Only 3rd baseman I’d take is Rendon. Sign him, use Seager for trade bait, move Lux to his natural position @short, Muncy @2nd and Turner @ 1st. Verdugo Bellinger and trade Seager+Pederson for a power right handed Rfielder. We need a cpl good relievers and another starter but last 2 WS are lineup choked big time. We came from behind so many times in the regular season because our team could not hit good starting pitching but feasted on relievers. When we get to (if) the WS the relievers are much better and we can’t hit them either.

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