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Dodgers News: 2019 Postseason Bonuses Announced

While it might not seem like much, the Los Angeles Dodgers were awarded full postseason bonus shares on Tuesday. Indeed – for five games of NLDS series play – every Dodger will get an additional sum on their paycheck.

Bill Shaikin reports that each Dodger will receive an additional $32,427.60 for their 2019 postseason play. By comparison, 67 shares were awarded at $262,027.49 from the MLB postseason bonus pool to the 2018 Dodgers. The Dodgers voted to award the 67 full share bonuses, with other partial shares and cash awards involved.

In addition, Shaikin reports that each member of the Washington Nationals will receive $382,358.18 in bonus money. Now, you can see that there is a decent incentive in terms of monetary value when it comes to advancing in the playoffs. Remember – and I am sure you do – the Nationals eliminated the Dodgers from that NLDS in five games and went on to win the World Series. Then by ten-fold, they went on to make more money and grab a ring.

Still, this additional pay just in time for the holidays should make a lot of Dodgers happy campers. Whether or not a player is making close to the league minimum or is signed to a Clayton Kershaw-type contract, these guys definitely never mind hearing more is coming to the bottom line.

One must imagine what NL MVP Cody Bellinger might buy with his extra $32,000 in cheddar? Does he buy a platinum colored Playstation 4? Or does he opt for 1,000 packets of fun dip? In all seriousness, good for the Dodgers who get to make a little extra money for once again being a playoff team in 2019.

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