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Dodgers: Kirsten Watson Reveals who Among the SNLA Team Hates Getting Makeup for a Broadcast

Dodgers fans are blessed with one of the best broadcast teams in the business. Provided you can actually watch them… But with SportsNet LA, your Los Angeles Dodgers are covered top to bottom between pre- and post-game coverage, and of course, the game broadcast.

Of course, there’s a whole lot that goes into a quality broadcast. And one aspect of that apparently is not high on the list of one SNLA analyst. This week, field reporter Kirsten Watson was the focus of a new “day in the life” episode on the Dodgers’ YouTube channel where she revealed a fun tidbit involving makeup and the Access SportsNet broadcast team.

A Day in the Life with Kirsten Watson

While at the studio getting her makeup done before a day at SoFi Stadium, Watson lets us know that Nomar Garciaparra is absolutely not a fun of the makeup process.

The men in television do also put on makeup. Orel (Hershiser) loves it. So I’m gonna say that Orel loves getting his makeup done. I feel like Joe (Davis) doesn’t love it, but he knows it’s important. …I feel like Jerry (Hairston Jr) loves it too. You know who doesn’t? Nomar doesn’t like it. Nomar does not like makeup. He’s dressed to the tee, ‘I don’t need makeup because I already look that good.’ But everyone else, they’re fine with it.

Kirsten’s rundown passes the sniff test for sure. People like Joe and Orel and John Hartung are pros and understand the need to look good on camera. Hairston 100% feels like he would enjoy the on-camera boost. But Nomar is an old school ballplayer. And there’s no makeup in baseball.

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