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Dodgers: LA Shutout in 2021 Gold Glove Awarding for National League

MLB held its annual Gold Glove awards show on Sunday on MLB Network. The Dodgers featured three finalists for awards in the National League. Max Muncy was nominated at first base and AJ Pollock along with Mookie Betts earned nominations in the outfield.

Unsurprisingly, LA was blanked in 2021.

Leading the way in awards was the St. Louis Cardinals who featured a historic five winners (Paul Goldschmidt, 1B; Tommy Edman, 2B; Nolan Arenado, 3B; Tyler O’Neill, LF; Harrison Bader, CF) in the NL. Muncy placed third at first base, Pollock placed third in left field, and Betts was the runner up in right field. 

For Mookie, it snapped a string of five straight awards.

For the Dodgers, it was the first time there were no winners out of LA since the 2018 season. Cody Bellinger won in right field in 2019 and Mooie in right in 2020.

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  1. I think with both Mookie and Max; they both were hurt by time at other positions and in Mookies case games where he was unavailable. But that being said, we were just an average fielding team. The only really above average fielders were the 3 nominees,, Cody, Lux and Austin. And the last three had limited playing time.

  2. Rightfully and Justifiably.

    I believe the win total allows for many to look away from the actual play of this team and the individual player.

  3. That’s an issue with Dodgers wanting many players to be able to play multiple positions as Wayne pointed out here along with being unavailable for several games. But as was said, defense was not all that great and deservedly so, no Dodger did well enough to warrant a gold glove consideration.

  4. As a team they had 89 errors this year which ranks middle of the pack in the NL. Had Muncy, who still played enough games as opposed to Mookie, dug out more throws than he did, especially with Justin making a whopping 12 errors, he could have been top 2. I’ve lost count of the number of times I heard Charley announce dishearteningly that Muncy couldn’t dig it out. I agree that definitely there wasn’t enough for anyone to get a GG.

    1. Maybe Mookie’s error in the last game of the playoffs, was a game changer as far as a GG was concerned. Too bad because there is not another Rt. fielder in baseball that can touch the Mook. And also the fact that he could actually play any position and be a level better than most.

  5. It’s still very un-nerving to me how the front office decided to give JT, with his known physical ailments, a resigning for a whopping $34 million for 2 years, when they watched the best 3rd baseman in baseball, Nolan Arenado go to the Cards. NA would have loved to wear Dodger Blue. This was not a smart move but an emotionally driven move, which is very uncharacteristic from an analytically motivated Andrew Friedham.

    1. Nolan Arenado is actually not so good away from Coors field. All you have to do is go to baseball reference website and see his Away offense numbers while in Colorado and his current production for 2021. He managed over 100 RBI but his OPS is barely .800 and his average is awful. He actually has a LOWER WAR THAN KIKÉ

  6. The playoffs have nothing to do with it. These are regular season awards only and I wish people would remember that. Mookie only played in 120 games because of injuries. That’s why he didn’t win.

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