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Dodgers: LeBron James Gifts LA Players Custom Shoes For Titletown Sweep

It’s not every day that your city gets two different professional sports titles in the same month. Luckily for us, that’s exactly what we get to experience as fans in Los Angeles. The Dodgers and Lakers both took home titles in the month of October, the first time that’s happened in the same year since 1988.

Lakers star LeBron James wanted to make sure that he let his Dodgers know how much he appreciated their efforts this week. LeBron sent custom pairs of his shoes to players on the team this week, as we’ve seen all across social media. Players like Joc Pederson, Austin Barnes, Max Muncy, and Gavin Lux have already opened theirs on camera and posted on their Instagram stories. 

LeBron was a big supporter of the team throughout their playoff run. After winning the NBA Finals, James was seen wearing Dodgers gear in almost every celebration post on his social media. James also posted frequently whenever LA moved on in playoff series, telling the players to “finish your breakfast”. 

Unfortunately, neither team will get the chance to celebrate their championships with the fans. The Dodgers and Lakers will get a parade together one day, but the pandemic has put things on hold indefinitely. But you can bet when that day comes, it’s going to be a party in Los Angeles.

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  1. This guy is poison this guy might be a great basketball player but that’s all if his shoe business with China is rotten because he has slaves making his shoes and he won’t stand for our flag no on the NBA and LEBRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  2. (The King) in his own mind needs to give these shoes to homeless and disadvantaged kids. Not to millionaire baseball players.

  3. You all just jealous. Le Bron does more than most for disadvantaged people and is not always given acknowledgement for it. Grow up. The shoe gesture is cool. He didn’t have to do it.

  4. LeBron is a not a real Laker, just a traveling w***** who runs the NBA and sells himself to the highest bidder. We don’t need no stinkin shoes from him.

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