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Dodgers Likely Destinations for Josh Donaldson, Will Harris, Rich Hill, Says the Athletic

The off-season’s biggest prizes have signed, but there are still many solid contributors yet to find homes. It appears that the Dodgers have been somewhat involved on those fronts with constant links of them to former Braves third baseman Josh Donaldson, Astros reliever Will Harris, and the beloved D. Mountain.

In a recent column for The Athletic, Jim Bowden discusses the top 30 players still available in free agency.


For Donaldson, the Dodgers are listed as one of the teams on the outside looking in. Bowden predicts him to receive a deal in the neighborhood of four years and $112 million, a probable overpay.

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With Will Harris, the Dodgers are listed amongst the most prominent suitors. Bowden is predicting Harris to receive a contract in the ballpark of two years and $18 million.

Rich Hill appears to be likely to get a relatively cheap deal with him being expected to miss half the season. Bowden is expecting a one-year, $8 million contract for Dick Mountain with a potential hometown discount for Los Angeles on top of that.

Quick Assessment

Donaldson figures to receive somewhere around four years and $100 million in total value, a price that most teams — including the Dodgers — would be unlikely to pay. Moreover, his market appears to be more between Atlanta and Washington over Los Angeles. It’s been quite some time since a whisper of a rumor has linked him honestly to the Dodgers. Plus Andrew Friedman appears to be more in on the trade market or standing pat before moving on a 4-year commitment to a 34 year-old third baseman.

Will Harris will be relatively cheaper due to his age, but he has been one of the sneakiest and best relievers in the league for a few years running. The question, though, is if the Dodgers would be willing to devote nearly $50 million per season to four relievers. The Dodgers are already paying Kenley Jansen a great deal, Joe Kelly’s salary has taken a leap, and the Dodgers agreed to terms with Blake Treinen this winter on a one-year, $10 million pact.

Rich Hill could be an easy return, but the Red Sox also appear to be in. Importantly, he wouldn’t be able to help until mid-season at best after off-season elbow surgery that could potentially put him out of baseball for good.

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  1. And the forecast…. Partly cloudy , with a chance of sprinkles. Otherwise, dry and no rain in sight!

  2. Why would Dodgers want Josh Donaldson? They already have a mid thirties 3rd basemen! I know they want another right hand power bat, but 4 years $100 million for that?

    1. The Dodgers would want Donaldson because the opportunity to sign a DH to play 3B and strike out 150+ times for $20m a year doesn’t come around very often.

    2. Precisely. Donaldson could fall off a cliff any season now. To think that he’ll be productive at 37, 38 years old is absurd. Seager is likely to be playing third base in 2021, whether the shortstop be Lindor or Lux.

  3. I think sometimes the rumor mill has nothing much going so they recycle old news. Could see both Hill and Harris coming here; but doesn’t everyone know that?

  4. Can anyone qualify to be a reporter? Nothing against the current writer but most anyone can write an article speculating on who might/should/would/could be involved in a signing or trade.

    Unless one has a lot of free time, best to read what actually happens…at least that is what I do (had a few minutes and clicked on this article …in error).

  5. MLB Rumors has Rich (I’m injured again) Hill going to the Twins so he gone. Will Harris would be an interesting signing but no to Donaldson. I still like a trade for Lindor but they don’t they want to give up Lux and the FO doesn’t have the bargaining power to get the permission to talk to Lindor before a trade, let alone getting him to agree to an extension. .

  6. Dick Mountain ( nice name) fits Dodgers needs due to being old, injured and cheap .. Dodgers could easily afford will Harris and make bullpen better but of course will not because that’s cost money..

  7. Donaldson can sign for somebody else Turner still better than him.Hill would be good coming out of the bullpen and paycut.Ovehyped Lindor no!Overhyped bettsNO!Dodgers will win it all despite dumb Roberts whom should have been fired in 2016.

  8. “The Dodgers are already paying Kenley Jansen a great deal”?

    Um, what? Tell me the Dodgers wouldn’t trade Jansen and his nearly $40m (but 0.2 WAR!!!) to any team in the league for a bag of chips if they didn’t have to pay that salary.

  9. Now that Rich Hill has signed with the Twins, we have another example of addition by subtraction. Regarding Donaldson, I see no rush to sign him. No one has said he is great in the club house, whereas Turner is truly a team player. Besides, with Roberts as our manager, each game will beg the question, who is playing third today? Happy New Year all!!!! Think Blue!!! Go Blue Crew!!!!

    1. Turner has regressed defensively at 3rd, and one reason why Dodgers were looking to move him to 1st and get a needed RH bat in the lineup. But that’s not happening so defense or no, Turner will be back at 3rd and the Dodgers will remain all left handed in the offense.

    2. Happy New Year BLUE LOU! I understand what ya are saying about Donaldson, but it simply looks like we will still be the same un balanced offense that we have seen in the last few years. Left handed and no real impact threats from the right hand hitter’s box.

      1. AZUL, I agree with your post and the one that precedes it. Its going to be a long season. A Happy, Healthy, and Blue New Year to you and PD Jr. Go Blue!!

  10. I would not be too concerned because I doubt the Dodgers sign any of these players mentioned here. Donaldson has mostly been linked to either the Nats or Braves and he most likely signs with 1 of those teams. Indians seem actually reluctant to move Lindor since they feel they may contend and again, as those teams in trade talks with the Dodgers have all said…no Lux, no deal.

  11. My intuitive respone to offering Donaldson such a contract is in would exceed the error in the contract given to Pollock, who himself has proven to be and out and out waste of money, which is based on his performance fir the Didgers.Dodgers. Throwing money down a rat whole is the modis operandi of Friedmann. Donaldson is beyond his years for any measure of productivity.

  12. The dodgers should offer since they are so reluctant to trade rookies. I love Muncy, but his fielding is terrible- he’s a perfect fit for the AL as a DH.

  13. This just in. In addition to an aging Donaldson, the Dodgers are rumored to have interest in Graig Nettles, Ron Cey, Sal Bando, and Cal Ripken Jr. (the early years) to play third base in 2020. And God has demanded Gavin Lux be included in the deal for Francisco Lindor.

  14. If the Dodgers thought that Rich Hill was overpriced, they sure aren’t going to spring $100 mill for Donaldson. Nor will they pay for Harris. Everything is fine. The 8th divisional title game is on the bag. That’s all that matters.

  15. If the Dodgers thought that Rich Hill was overpriced, they sure aren’t going to spring $100 mill for Donaldson. Nor will they pay for Harris. Everything is fine. The 8th divisional title game is on the bag. That’s all that matters.

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