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Dodgers: Los Angeles Adds Another Arm to Bullpen Depth

Just hours after it was announced the Dodgers signed Jimmy Nelson to a one-year deal, Los Angeles added another arm. The team signed right-handed pitcher Edubray Ramos to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training.

While Jimmy Nelson offers the Dodgers some depth in the rotation, Ramos offers them bullpen help if needed. Nelson may also end up in the bullpen long-term, but it never hurts to have these guys waiting in the wings.

Ramos spent the last four seasons with the Phillies, experiencing plenty of success along the way. In 2018, he appeared in 52 games and pitched to a 2.32 ERA to go along with a 179 ERA+ and 3.54 FIP.

While he may not blow hitters away with his stuff, Ramos could potentially be a diamond in the rough or reclamation product for Friedman and co. There is almost no risk associated with the signing and all of the potential for a high reward.

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  1. Kasten was right big moves are coming! Friedman’s wheeling and dealing since that article!!

    1. Sounds like you are as sick of the BS coming from Kasten/Friedman as I am…plus MANY, MANY MORE informed fans. The Sunday LA Times ran a long sanctimonious, self-serving Kasten interview that stunk up the room so much I had to finish reading it outside and up wind. The underlying message was, “As long as casual, social Dodger fans are willing to fill the stadium, nothing will change…and oh yeah, here’s another empty promise that we are going to get some top tier talent.”

  2. You forgot to mention that Ramos was injured in 2019, as was Nelson. It appears that Friedman has returned from his vacation and is back on the prowl for broken wings to add to the flock.

    1. Add “cheap” broken wings… If they are not cheap, then he doesn’t know how to interact with them…

  3. From MLB Rumors, “He had been an effective hurler for the Phillies but was non-tendered after an injury-riddled 2019 season in which he was ineffective and showed reduced velocity when he was available to pitch.” Another typical FO signing that will not help them get to the WS. Good move Andrew.

  4. Hey now, at least we can’t say they didn’t do something. At least he’s the 1 st Friedman dumpster dive that brought up a few pickels off of the sandwich!! He once had a E.R.A. under 3!!!!!!!! That’s a first!!!

      1. Top 5 farm…Hopefully he finds himself in the PAC Coast league helping our farm. They haven’t won a PAC Coast title in quite sometime!

        1. Because every September the Dodgers bring up their best players because they’ve always got one foot into the future and one in present, they want to evaluate what they got for next year in the middle of the present mlb teams pennant race as well as the minor leagues playoffs. It would benefit both the mlb and minor league dodger teams if they stopped doing that. Let these guys win a championship together in the minors instead of screwing with the makeup of the mlb team when they’re trying to get ready for a World Series run. Handling September like spring training has never worked out well for us or the AAA team

          1. Well said Don. In the past history every time the Dukes were winning championships, the Majors team followed with champions also. The Dukes won the championship in 72 I believe, that’s what brought Tommy up. He knew his players and also his competition and finally won it in 81 with them. As the Dukes also won in 80 and 81. Gave us Fernando,Welch etc. Oklahoma made it to the championship in 16 but lostk what’s new right? Your right, the current routine splits up both teams chances! May I repeat, No team has ever won a MLB championship with their farm team, and especially no team has ever won playing money ball!

          2. NO, they have a couple of toes in the present. JUST enough to win the WEAK, WEAK WEST to keep the stands full of casual fans. IF they had a FOOT in the present, they would have replaced Grenke and filled in the pieces needed to go all the way to dominate the WS for most of a decade. Now we are seeing why they hired small market Friedman to cheap out the team. The two signings today clearly demonstrate their goal is NOT a first class, WS Champ caliber team.

      2. AZUL, we are suffering from an embarassment of riches on the pitching staff!!!! Once PD Jr. reads about our newest pitching phenoms, he might seriously start thinking about rooting for a another team. Go Blue!!!!

  5. So our off season signings consist of a guy who was awful last year, another who was injured most of 2019 and a third who hasn’t played in two years. I say start planning the WS parade.

  6. You guys are all idiots, Dodger will win the division and compete for a World Series for sure. They don’t care if you come to the game (i.e please don’t) we can fill a stadium as true fans if they lost every game. The ownership and GM are the best in baseball. Take a chill pill.

      1. Hey Don, the one thing Babel does not realize is that if Dodgers were playing at a sub .500 clip a lot of fans would not be still going to the games ,especially with the cost of going to just a single game these days. Dodgers keep raising ticket prices, and other concessions every year and soon they will be pricing even the best of fans out of being able to afford to go at all.

        1. True Paul. It’s already happening to people. They are very close to pricing out just about everyone except the fake rich fans

    1. No, they’re not idiots and its “fans” like you that embolden real idiots like cheapskate Friedman and Kasten to keep getting garbage players rather than real talent. The second largest city in the country has not won a championship in 32 years, but hey…these guys are the “best”. Smh at your ignorance and love of being a runner-up.

  7. Please remove your rose coloured glasses. After a 31 year drought, division titles and competing for a WS title doesn’t mean anything. Only winning one does. If we’d won a few since ’88 or even just 1 in the last 10 years I might tend to agree with you.

  8. Sounds like we have many future GM’s on this thread. Why don’t you all just apply for a GM position, since you guys have all the answers. Been a Dodger fan, since before they moved to LA, and by far, this is the best FO they’ve had. Stop your whining and be thankful that the blue crew is competing year in and year out. There are other teams who haven’t won a WS such as the M’s (who’ve never been in the WS, the Indians since 1948). AF knows what he’s doing. And many teams are consistent losers, so stop the crying!!!

    1. Ridiculous argument. This is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Just Accomplishing more than perennial losers should not be the bar

  9. They picked signing Darvish over Verlander and we know how that worked out. Maybe ever since they have avoided making the same mistake but relief pitchers who extinguished themselves in 2019 perhaps is the new trend for mistakes as they are less painful to them. Low expectations are not the new norm for winning the World Series


  11. Any more Garage Sale leftovers available? The bullpen looks ready for improvement with this trio of relievers.

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