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Dodgers: SportsNet LA Talks Stan Kasten Comments and Off-Season So Far

Still, a lot is being made of part owner Stan Kasten’s comments in regards to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ off-season.

Now, David Vassegh and Bill Plunkett join the action from the Sportsnet LA desk to weigh in on the topic. You can see the entire segment below.

First Bill Plunkett weighs in. Honestly, I think the man who covers the Dodgers for the OC Register hits the nail on the head with what he says.

“It’s not fair to call them cheap. But the way this off-season has played out, they don’t look good. They don’t look like they’re trying when the only move they have made is Blake Treinen after getting ousted in the first round. And I thin that’s what angers the fans out here. They just want to know you’re trying.”

Without question, this is the most accurate quote I have ready by anyone on the subject. To be fair, if it isn’t that they are ‘cheap’; then what is it? You can leave your thoughts in the comments below to answer. For one, I think that analysts have pointed out before that the Dodgers simply like to spread their money around in a weird way. They will pay top dollar per year as long as it’s a one to three year commitment. However, a lot of players don’t want to do that dance.

Next, Plunkett brings more of how it looks on the surface.

“It doesn’t seem like they have put a lot of effort in – and I’m sure they have – but it doesn’t look that way because of the results.”

Finally, Vassegh goes on to point out the talent already on the roster. He also adds that Kasten is calling his shot to make a future move with some of his statements. While that seems like a nice thing to bank on, variables will change at that time. Perhaps some of the the prospect capital won’t be worth the same then. And then what do you do? You can’t just bank on a blockbuster deal sometime in the future.

As things sit, it makes me a little nervous.

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    1. Hit the nail on on the head. You don’t get to October if you don’t make an impact in June, July and August. Based on the current team make-up they should make it to the playoffs in the WEAK National League West. But if AZ, CO, SD or SF ever decide to do something, then what will be the Dodgers excuse? “A…we didn’t see this happening…” That won’t fly and they think the criticism is bad now. Just wait and see.

      1. Can’t you though? Dodgers haven’t made that “impact move” since they signed Greinke (you could argue the summer they retained turner, Kenley, and hill). So it seems fairly fair to say Dodgers can be reallly really confident in getting back to post season.

        Could something happen, sure, but then apply that same logic to trading for or signing X. They could always blow an elbow, just plain stink or even end up being a child molester lol

  1. Calling his shot? Seriously? He is tossing a very, very, very, very small bone out to the fans who would like to see at least some realization that the very “talented” roster has not been “talented” enough to get the job done in the past seven years. If they add one more “injured” low cost pitcher to the roster then a “different” team is indeed entering the post season. And, voila, two more “injured” low cost pitchers have just been added. To Kasten, a successful team is “competitive” and leads the league in attendance. That’s all that matters.

    1. I agree the corporate Dodgers are cheap, all they care is raking in the money at the Gates…..

  2. I look at this article as very important! These guys are publicly finally calling Kasten out! This is the 1 st step in getting the information to the public. Like many here have mentioned, ” the natives are restless” we’ve heard this before! Do you remember this past summer when you and I and others here were saying this very thing after they didn’t try to improve that vaunted B.p. Paul? There were no stories then like this. We were all saying we’ ve seen this failing movie before! The narrative is finally being directed to the problem! The problem is Money ball!! Money for them! No championships for us. I personally want this conman along with Friedman fired, and they can take Dave, the sabermetric percentage lefty right b.s. with them. People have woke up, and the pressure is on! We need Ned! His spend and make big trades was just as effective as this money ball farce! Ned won a couple divisions also, so why do a lot of fans give Friedman and Kasten the pass ? Anyone can win a division with the resources this scenario presents!

  3. I recall what you are referring to, KIrk. and on MLBN I heard many say that Dodgers did have opportunities to sign some of those FA relief pitchers during this off season that eventually signed elsewhere but failed to do so. So in summary this off season has been a real drag and is getting way too old.

    1. I’ve lost all interest in this team because of these guys! I will always love the Blue but have stopped supporting their farce. When they show me their all in, and are trying to beat the previous years winner,” which means building a roster that can beat them in ,5 or 7 games, ” I’ll start spending my Ben Franklins again.. Its past being a drag and old, its futile watching them knowing they can’t win it!

  4. Buying dodger post season gear was such a waste, just an embarrassing reminder. Bet allot of fans agree… and completely agree with an earlier comment about the owner jinxing the team now, certain that they will be there in October but this team is falling under a terrible pattern losing back to back WS then loosing in the first round, the team not making the playoffs would be a fitting result to that pattern.


  6. The roster is talented enough- 106 wins show that the Dodgers don’t have really any holes. The team lost because of poor game management on field. The team lost the last 2 world series because of electronic sign stealing. All of these idiot fans what to see movement on something, but it seems to be a purely emotional reaction. What holes need to be fixed? Another hitter? We have those. Pitching? We have that, but teams are cheating. What do we need? Lindor? Why? Seager is not noticeably worse. Betts? Our outfield has plenty of hitters.
    The real issue with the Dodgers is game management and strategy. Dave Roberts making bad calls, and Dodger hitters swinging for the fences on every pitch because they’re all playing hero ball. If the Dodgers started prizing hard contact and getting men on base, there’s not much that could stop this team. We have all the answers in house, so enough about not paying guys absurd contracts.

    1. LOL do we have hitters though? Might want to check their stats in the playoffs. When your stars that won you 106 games aren’t stars you don’t win in the playoffs. And yes we need more pitching too, one playoff ace won’t get you anywhere and an ok bullpen with no high leverage relievers won’t get it done either and our manager always seems to be sympathetic to the other team and throws the series

  7. Most lifelong fans dream of a team built along the lines of the current Dodger team: built of prospects they have drafted and brought up through their minor league system. Young, homegrown stars are what we have plenty of. It’s rather cross-grained and uncivil to blame the very ownership group that has made teams capable of reaching the playoffs because a few poor decisions were made in the seventh and eighth inning of one game against the Nationals. Doc may well have erred on the side of loyalty to Clay Kershaw (the data from Clay’s starts clearly indicated that when he got into trouble as a starter, it was by giving up one or two solo home runs in the first inning. And his relief appearance was the equivalent of a first inning). And I question sending Joe Kelley out for a second innings when there were fresh young arms available in the pen. Regardless, those complaints should not be heaped upon Andrew Friedman, or Stan Kasten. There is a lot of silly whining going on by full-grown spoiled brats.

    1. Don’t worry Roberts gets his. Unfortunately he doesn’t get it from ownership who should’ve canned him when there were still good managers available this offseason. Aside from half the team choking, Roberts is a huge reason this team will never get it done

  8. The Dodgers will find it difficult to win a World Series in the current MLB environment. Unlike the Dodgers, there are teams that will overpay (i.e., money) for free agents and (i.e., top prospects) for trades for a one-time chance to win a championship. For 2020, it is the Yankees. In 2018, it was the Red Sox. These teams will take a hit in the long term via weakened farm systems and luxury tax implications, but the team owners demand a championship enough to endure the ramifications. Top free agents demand 8 to 10-year contracts in the area of $300 million. The Dodgers simply don’t hand out those type of contracts; thus the days where the Dodgers sign a top free agent has ended under current leadership. Kasten and Friedman are more comfortable with acquiring good players at the trade deadline who will be free agents after the season. That 3-month commitment is more to their liking than a 8 to 10 year commitment. As most everyone knows, Kasten has WON only won World Series, despite leading 21 separate teams to division wins (Braves 14 and Dodgers 7). Get used to it.

    1. Just to add: Look at the 2020 top team payrolls for the CBT in this order: Yankees, Red Sox, Astros, Cubs, Phillies, Mets and Nationals, Other than the Phillies, what do these teams have in common?

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