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Dodgers: Matt Beaty Needs to Get More Opportunities to Start

It seems to be a reoccurring theme early on in the career of Matt Beaty. A guy that can flat-out hit at any level continues to be misused by Dave Roberts and the Dodgers. Unfortunately, it’s almost gone too far during the 2021 season. 

The Dodgers have been down so many star players early on in the season. So much so that Beaty was almost a lock to be a consistent starter. Instead, the Dodgers optioned Beaty back to the alternate site to get some swings in. 

And to be fair, Beaty had not been swinging the bat like we all know he can. He had 1 hit in 10 at-bats and struck out 6 times before being sent down. But the Dodgers had him start 2 games and never really even gave him the chance to work things out. 

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That might be forgivable if there were guys on the team crushing the ball. But then you look at Edwin Rios and how badly he has handled the bat, and you really have to wonder what on earth the Dodgers are doing with Beaty.

A guy who slashed .265/.317/.458 in 2019 has consistently seen his opportunities decline. And that’s not even taking into account how badly he crushed Triple-A pitching in his minor league career. But the good news is that we might be seeing more opportunities for Beaty with the Dodgers. 

In his last 4 games since being recalled, Beaty has gone 2 for 4 with 3 walks and was hit by 2 pitches. He also drove in a pair of runs in a huge spot on Tuesday to briefly give the Dodgers a lead. 

And in prime Dodger fashion, he was back on the bench on Wednesday afternoon.

The Dodgers are hurting and in need of help. Give Matt the chance to start. 

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  1. Seemed like a no brainer with Bellinger and McKinstry out and Raley and Rios doing nothing. He should be starting immediately before they waste any more of his opportunities

  2. Yes he seems to be seeing the pitches better and having more confidence at the plate. A nice short stroke giving him better control of the bat resulting in more contact. Having quality AB’s since being called up. The question is where’s best to play him? Defense is shaky and a little unsure, but can be improved.

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