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Dodgers: Roberts Expects a Few Players to Be Held Out After COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Dodgers are one of the many teams around MLB looking to reach the 85 percent vaccination rate. The league set that mark in hopes of giving players and staff more freedom during the season and teams have been hitting the mark. 

An unfortunate downside is that some players have had to sit out a few days after vaccinations. The second dose of the vaccine can be particularly arduous. As a result, the Dodgers are probably going to be missing a few guys this week. 

Dennis Santana had to sit out this weekend after receiving his dose. The Dodgers also had a group of guys get their vaccines after Monday night’s game in Los Angeles. Doc said that they will have to adjust accordingly depending on how guys come out of it. 

There might be a couple of moves because some guys got some shots. And guys respond differently. So they got some shots after the game and I just don’t know, I’m not as versed as the timing of these shots with the players. So just depending on how they feel then we’ve got guys that are here to potentially backfill. 

The good news is that under MLB’s current rules, the Dodgers can place players who receive their show on the COVID restriction list. That designation doesn’t have a specific required timeline for a return. So they could presumably swap out guys who receive a vaccine on a daily basis. 

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The current list of Dodgers players who could be unavailable is not public. But over the next few games, you will likey see a few players hit the list so that Roberts can slot other guys into their roster spots. 

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  1. Agreed. Also swap out the entire bullpen and replace all the rookies with a new group.

  2. This is the worst bullpen….with more on the way…..relievers are blowing leads (not 1 run leads , but 2,3,4,5, or 6 leads). What a shame!!!

  3. Just replace the whole team!! They’re doing so terrible and obviously have no talent. They basically have the worst record in the league!!

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