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Dodgers: Matt Kemp Has Max Muncy’s Back Following Costly Error

The game of baseball has a way of really humbling even the best players on the planet. When you play 162 games in a year, some things just are not going to go your way. And that was the case for the Dodgers and Max Muncy on Sunday afternoon in Philly. 

By now, you’ve probably seen the clip 100 times. The ball took a hop on him and the Dodgers lost the game. Muncy took full responsibility and owned up to it, likely earning a lot of respect from his teammates. 

But at least one former Dodgers player has his back. Matt Kemp too to the Instagram comments to back him up this week, sending small words of encouragement that could make any big league player feel better about something like that. 

There’s a reason why Kemp is so universally loved by Dodgers fans. He’s the man in Los Angeles, and always will be. But the fact that he backed up Muncy after a low moment like that has to mean a lot. And it was very cool to see. 

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Up next, the Dodgers will face off against the Nationals for a 3-game series. Tyler Anderson gets the ball tonight and will face off against young right-handed hurler Joan Adon. The Nats have struggled greatly this year, putting up a 14-28 record. 

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  1. Max is a real gamer. He plays three different infield positions at an above average clip. Every player has a bad moment in this game. He could come back tonight and hit a couple home runs. Go Max!

    1. As far Matt., kudos to him. Who knows what kind of career he would have had if this foot injury had never happened. They had to drill holes in the bone to help it heal. Always felt he was not 100% after that.

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