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Dodgers: Max Muncy Calls on LA to Bring Back Justin Turner

At the outset of the offseason, it would have been hard to imagine that Justin Turner would not be back with the Dodgers by January, let alone without a job. Not only has the veteran been one of the best third basemen in the game over the last 5-6 seasons, but he’s also been the heart and soul of the Dodger clubhouse.

That latter fact is something that was top of mind for teammate Max Muncy. The future papa Mad Max joined Alanna Rizzo on SportsNet LA to chat about his offseason season so far but made sure to take the time to shout out his counterpart across the diamond.

Unsurprisingly, Muncy — like a majority of Dodgers Nation — would like to see Justin Turner back in blue next season. And it’s not just because he hates playing third base that much.

It would be very strange for us. He’s kinda been our leader the last couple years — from a position player standpoint, he is our leader. He’s always there with our meetings and he’s always kinda leading the charge with everything. He’s the guy everyone turns to. … I hope it works out to where he gets to come back and play a couple more years with us.

Additionally, Max acknowledged the weight of Turner’s tenure in Los Angeles adding that “it would be a little bit travesty if he didn’t finish his career” with the Dodgers.

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Of course, LA and JT are reportedly apart on contract figures. The 36-year-old is seeking a 4-year deal — something no player of his age has ever signed in MLB history — while the Dodgers are hesitant to go past 2 years.

On the weight of his contributions to the franchise alone, Turner is worth whatever he’s asking. At least if the heart of many Dodger fans had the final say. But with his defense on a steady decline and his durability a question mark every season since 2016, it’s smart for the Dodgers to stand firm. Particularly if the designated hitter does not return to the National League in 2021 or by 2022.

So certainly, as Max said, it would be strange if JT isn’t back with the team next season, but it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility. 

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  1. It’s up to JT. If he holds to the 4 years and someone else offers it, he’s gone. I still think they settle in the middle at 3. Unless the Dodgers find the right deal with Chicago or the Yankees completely blow it with LeMahieu. If Kershaw didn’t have enough juice to keep A.J. Ellis on the team, then Muncy or any other Dodger isn’t going to make up Friedman’s mind for him.

    1. Good morning! And exactly right on as far as Turner is concerned. As it’s pointed out, NO MLB player has ever been given a 4 year deal at age 36. As we also know, Dodgers perhaps are waiting for the decision on the DH. Again, the Player’s Union wants it for sure. At some point it will be time to move on if JT holds firm on wanting 4 years, because there are other RHB to be had in that case. Kike will need to be replaced as well with another RHB if he signs elsewhere.

    2. You’re not seriously comparing Ellis and his lifetime 239 BA to JT and his lifetime 292 BA are you? Nobody could have kept Ellis with the Dodgers because he couldn’t hit.

  2. The debate has been completely centered around how many years, but the essence of the matter is about how much guaranteed money.

  3. A set for life multi-milloinaire with a world series ring gets no empathy from me. Travesty my @$$.. Time for Kris Bryant to get an opportunity. Thanks for the awesome memories JT that’ll never be forgotten.

  4. Bottom line is retaining Turner or not is a business decision. No GM will stay one if he/she bases their signings on sentiments. We, or at least I, don’t know the facts concerning what Turner is asking and the Dodgers (or any other team) are offering and Turner must do what’s best for him and his family (although one would assume he hasn’t blown through $64 million yet and he can’t expect to make the money he would have had he blossomed at earlier age). Everyone here seems to want JT to finish his career in LA but he’s going to have to make concessions if he want’s the same. Maybe an incentive laden contract that extends if he hits certain numbers, which he’s not likely to want.

  5. Sign Justin Turner, give him two strong years on the contract and give me two lined with incentives. The later two years could match what the Dodgers paid Chase Utley… We need and want Justin Turner in Dodger Blue! Also Trade for or purchase a BIG right handed BAT!

    Come on Andrew, make it happen!

  6. “JT is worth whatever he is asking”
    Almost no basball player is worth what he is asking. Especially if you don’t even know what he is asking. Why a 4 year contract? Is he afraid of having to negotiate a new contract in 2 years? It seems the young guys around 25 like 2 years contracts, and are not afraid of having to depend on their production to determine their value in 2 years. Let JT sign for two years, and let his play on the field determine his value at age 39 and 40.

  7. JT just sign the damn contract . They pulled your ass from the trash heap and gave you the chance to make your millions . Where is team loyalty ? is it completely gone from all sports . Just sign on the dotted line 3year option for a 4th ….

    1. You’re right about team loyalty. Where is the Dodger’s loyalty to JT who has given them years of stellar service, and has been the mainstay and backbone of this team longer than just about anyone else?

  8. Bryant is probably going to stay with the Cubs and DJ is probably going to stay with the Yankees. The DH announcement will be followed by JT staying with the Dodgers.

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