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Dodgers: Why Clayton Kershaw Won’t Wear Matthew Stafford’s Jersey Around Town

Dodgers fans are more than familiar with Clayton Kershaw’s connection to Rams QB Matthew Stafford. It’s all anyone could talk about when Los Angeles made the trade with Detroit for the veteran QB. To the point where we were all pretty fed up hearing it 24/7. 

But the two sports icons are childhood best friends now playing in the same city. For Dodgers and Rams fans, that’s pretty cool. And Kershaw is excited to see him get to work. 

In an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show this week, Kershaw talked about his childhood friend coming to Los Angeles. And as much as the Dodgers pitcher loves his buddy, don’t expect him to be sporting more than a Rams hat for the upcoming NFL season.

What do you want me to do, wear his jersey around? I’m not going to wear his jersey around. I’ll wear a hat and support, that’s as far as I’ll go. I think I’m probably doing everyone a favor. 

The Dodgers pitcher later added that he is very happy for him getting his chance to play in Los Angeles. He certainly has a better chance at winning a Super Bowl here. 

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I’m excited for him though, I really am. I texted him after he got traded and I just said I hope it’s what you wanted. Because sometimes when you get traded you don’t really have a choice. But he was so fired up. He’s so excited to get out there and get going. The Rams are going to be a fun team to watch. 

You might not see Kershaw wearing a Stafford jersey this year, but they’ll be cheering each other on all season. The Dodgers and Lakers got a championship in 2020, maybe we can finally get an NFL title this year as well.

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