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Dodgers: Max Muncy to Start At Second Base on Tuesday

The Dodgers are going to need a little bit of a jolt after a loss on Monday night. In the first game against the Padres this series, Los Angeles got beat up on by Yu Darvish and the San Diego offense. 

The good news is that jolt is coming in the form of a big bat. The Dodgers are going to be activating Max Muncy today after a short stint on the injured list. Dave Roberts said on Monday night that he would be starting at second base. That likely means that Albert Pujols gets the start at first base against the left-hander Blake Snell.

Muncy hit the injured list after exiting the game on June 11th against the Rangers. He launched a 2-run shot in that game and came out with some soreness in his side. It was later revealed by the Dodgers that he had an oblique injury. 

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The timing ended up working out as Muncy was also recovering from a sore ankle. he later admitted that the Dodgers were just being cautious and it made more sense to sit and hit the IL for a little while. 

Regardless, he’s back in the lineup tonight. Muncy was slashing .264/.418/.528 with 14 homeruns and 33 runs driven in before hitting the injured list. He’s first on the team in bWAR at 3.3, just ahead of Mookie Betts. 

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  1. First day back, bring him off the bench like a wild card when a critical situation arises. Snell goes for 5 innings, righty comes in, bases loaded, and look who’s coming up! Ease the oblique from swinging @ Snell’s slider and playing high intensity defense @ 2nd on the 1st day back. Need him tomorrow and everyday for the next 8 games against the Cubs and Giants.

  2. Max Muncy is necessary for our lineup. The guy just gets on first base a lot. I am uncertain where his batting position should be. The managers think the 2 spot is it, but I think maybe the 7 spot or 8. For Mookie Betts to bring him home. I have noticed that the Dodger pitching staff are coming up to the plate and hitting the baseball. This should never be a guaranteed Out. We need all the runs we can get.

  3. With Clayton pitching, bound to be a lineup of righties. Max probably will have only a few chances at second. And we need his bat and Albert both in the lineup.

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