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Dodgers: Julio Urías’ Recent Slide is a Cause For Concern

Monday night did not go the way the Dodgers had hoped. Playing in the first game of a 3-game set against the Padres, San Diego came out swinging against Julio Urías. With Yu Darvish on the mound against them, it was an uphill battle all night. 

Urías got tagged for 4 runs in the 1st inning and cruised for a while after that. He then gave up a 2-run shot to Jake Cronenworth in the 5th inning and was promptly removed. It also didn’t help that he issued 4 walks on the night in addition to getting hit hard. 

But that outing was the latest in a few bad outings from Julio. The Dodgers southpaw briefly talked about the struggles he faced on Monday through an interpreter after the game. 

Obviously, I didn’t feel very good with my stuff tonight and that’s what happened. I was trying to stick to my plan. I had a plan going into the start. But my pitches weren’t as sharp as they usually are.

In his last 5 starts, Urías has allowed 18 earned runs in 25.2 innings of work. That comes out to a very rough 6.21 ERA after such a promising start to the 2021 season. It’s tough to nail down exactly why he’s struggled so badly as of late, but the Dodgers do not believe it is workload-related. 

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Urías is well beyond his MLB career-high in innings pitched having reached the 92 mark on Monday. Roberts has hinted that the team will continue to watch his workload and that the bullpen could be an option down the stretch or late in the year. 

But that doesn’t solve anything right now. Julio’s next start will come against the Cubs this weekend, and that will be another big test for him. 

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    1. Don’t laugh but that is what is really going on.. This guy must have a black tongue when he done pitching. He is constantly going to the month, he is pretty obvious.

  1. Julio, is back to floating the ball up to the plate. Of late, too many of his pitches have no bite and reduced velocity.
    Certainly, he deserved to be a full time starter this season-he earned it, but he was so perfectly suited for his role last season, especially in a shortened season, that it’s left a void for the Dodgers.
    I think it’s going to be tough for him to stay sharp and stay steady in the grind of a full season, this year.
    He’ll make some adjustments, but I don’t know how physically strong and how effective he’ll be down the stretch.
    The Dodgers, with May out and Gonsolin taking his spot and with Alex Wood gone, have no one to take up Julio’s role last season as a “plug him in anywhere” pitcher.

  2. Urias, of late, has been floating too many of his pitches, pitches that have no bite and reduced velocity.
    Although, he certainly deserved to be a SP this season-he earned it, I have concerns that his arm will stay strong during the grind of a full season.
    It’s a challenge for the Dodgers, to no longer have Julio in the role he was such a perfect fit for last season-they have no one to replace him in that role with Alex Wood gone and with Gonsolin having to take (or at least attempt) to take May’s spot in the rotation.
    The Dodgers will have to keep a close eye on Urias and help me navigate a full season as a SP.

  3. Amazing that now starting pitchers are “on the cusp” at 100 innings of pitching. If that is going to be the case for very many of these guys, the club better sign about a half dozen additional starters.

    May, Gonsolin and now Urias. This seems to be the trifecta of non or under performing starters for this year. And it isn’t even July.

    1. May is injured our for the year. Gonsolin is coming back. Urias is doing pretty well actually. The 100 innings of pitching was a reference only to Urias since he was used more out of the pen last year. Get everyone back healthy and watch the team win again consistently

  4. Julio seems to have picked up some weight which might be affecting his mechanics and balance on his wind up to the follow through. DR says it’s not ,but his arm could be getting tired from the most workload of his career, remember he had a major surgery only a couple years ago. Better watch him carefully or lose another pitcher.

  5. I truly believed the Julio would get rocked considering his recent outings and with SD’s strong lineup. Probably for me it’s location of pitches just like Kershaw and the quality of today’s hitters, they make you pay ! Dodger pitching must sharp or this will be a sweep ! Go Dodgers

    1. He had no command and falling behind counts, thus getting ambushed with hittable pitches. Giving up a rare 4 BB in that span also told story.

  6. The past performance by Julio Urias speaks for itself. All though he has a few W’s this does not reflect on how poor he has been. It almost reveals how the scouts see him. They are seeing what we all see, fastballs @ 89-91mph and a curve at 80 and doesn’t break. The slider doesn’t exist. His last three outing sparked a first innings pounding. This bothers me as he makes it difficult for our offence to get started, like he has blown it in the first. Any pitcher will say the first 3 innings are crucial and more than three runs are almost a guarantee loss.

  7. Julio always has problems in the first inning. I believe also he is not use to pitching in a regular rotation and can’t handle the work load. Tell him he just has to give us 5 good innings or let him come in after a few innings what he was use to.

  8. The manager has been in a slide. Won’t pull the hook in time and then jerks middle relievers when their stuff
    is great!

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