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Dodgers Land Right Back at the Top in the Latest MLB Power Rankings

It was a good week of games for the Dodgers. Even without a few of their bigger names in the lineup, Los Angeles took the series from Philadelphia and swept the Diamondbacks on the road. Winning 5 out of 6 games will always be considered a successful week of baseball. 

The Dodgers have taken advantage of an easy stretch of games over the last few weeks, resulting in 10 wins over their last 12 games. Matchups against the Pirates, Rangers, and Diamondbacks really helped that. 

Because of that success over bad teams, the Dodgers made the jump back to the top spot in MLB’s power rankings this week. They spent the entire 2020 season at that top spot and the first few weeks of this season. A bad week from the Rays also helped them get back to the top. 

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This next stretch of games should really test the Dodgers though. They’ll get back Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger, but they play 3-consecutive good teams in the Padres, Cubs, and Giants. They start off their series against San Diego tonight and have to go up against Yu Darvish. 

Funny enough, the Dodgers have been getting things done with unexpected role players in the lineup. Stevem Souza Jr and Andy Burns are 2 guys that no one expected to contribute this early, but they have both come through in big ways. 

If this is the start of a really good run by the Dodgers, playing good teams might not matter. 

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  1. I would like to see this team of mine walk into a game with the Padres without being offensively intimidated, aggressive at the plate, stepping into the box ready to hit instead of ready to walk. It’s on these guys now. The pitching is not as good as elite teams can come at us either. So much hype about how good we pitch and hit…all vastly over rated.

  2. I Remember coaching young people and saying a walk is as good as a hit. Well it kinda is. I know we need to have power but I need to see how many times Muncy has scored from number 2 or 4 and so on. This should tell me where he is needed. I have grown to really like Muncy and he is a great Firstbase man. This guy will take just about anything thrown to him. The dodgers do have a little problem with throwing to first. Not to mention Albert too is excellent at first.

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