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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Confident That Cody Bellinger Will Find It

It’s not often that the Dodgers have a glaring hole in their lineup. In the past, the only real hole has been when they rest a player or need to get Will Smith a day off of his feet. This year, it’s a former NL MVP winner that is the obvious hole. 

Cody Bellinger has had to battle through a lot of different injuries this year. Offseason shoulder surgery was followed up by an immediate break to his leg in the second series of the year. The Dodgers superstar also dealt with a hamstring injury that also sidelined him for a period of time. 

Despite that, Mookie Betts isn’t ready to give up on him this year. The Dodgers outfielder spoke this week(via the LA Times) about his teammate and what he has had to endure since the end of the 2020 season. 

He’ll be all right. It is what it is. He went through an injury that takes time to heal and then he got hurt again with his foot.

But the time might have already run out for Cody. Before AJ Pollock’s injury, Dave Roberts already said that the Dodgers would only use him against right-handed starters. Even that seems like too much with the stat line that Belli is putting up. 

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Across 79 games in 2021, Bellinger is slashing .165/.240/.304 and has put up a negative 1.5 bWAR. His 48 OPS+ is by FAR the worst mark of his career and he’s striking out in close to 30 percent of his appearances. It’s rough. 

The Dodgers need him to figure things out this month, and they need it to happen very quickly. 

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  1. C’mon Mookie, What do these injuries have to do with Cody’s ability to think and make adjustments?

    1. I mean seriously, what did you expect Mookie to say? You expect him to throw Cody under the bus to a reporter? He gave the correct response.

  2. The real irony out of this Cody Bellinger slump is that pregnant girlfriend of his, Chase Carter, had once thought she caught one of the biggest fish in the MLB. She was probably hoping for that nine figure salary Cody might have gotten had he stayed at the MVP level. Now “Cody is turning into one of the worst players in the MLB” (I quote Dodgersnation headline few weeks ago), it most likely appears that Cody will be making the minimum in his next salary arbitration, if the Dodgers keep him. She’ll probably go off finding another sugar daddy player, while Cody will be on the hook for child support for 18 years.

    1. I think you are on the money on this one.
      That chick is his problem.
      The man is going to play his way out of LA, to lose his bed partner at the same time.

      1. By the way, the last big fish she hooked before Belli was Giancarlo Stanton, who was smart enough to practice safe sex and drop her like a hot potato. Belli can’t do anything right anymore

  3. Why can’t other Dodger hitters or other instructors help Belli during batting warm-ups? With all those great hitters, you’d think somebody could help.

    1. Because he is so damn stubborn! He should take note of Rizzos swing and learn something!

  4. Why can’t other hitters or batting coaches step in during batting warm-ups to help this guy. With all that experience, I think they need to pull him and go back to basics.

  5. Asking him to figure things during this month just might not be possible. Dodgers are in a pennant race and defense or no defense they can’t afford while trying to overtake.the Giants, to have him in the starting lineup every day batting .162 and falling. Late inning defense ok.

    1. Every one thinks Bellinger’s only redeeming feature is his defense and that may be true, it certainly isn’t his bat, truly one of the worst if not the worst in the big leagues but did you also see the terrible routs he took on two fly balls (at least one of which should have been caught) in one game against the last series with the Giants? Any MLB outfielder with his speed can come in on a fly ball, it is going back, reading the ball and taking the correct route to make a catch that is the mark of a superior out fielder and now missing with the cut off man with his throws, taking really poor routes on fly balls, his defense like his hitting, isn’t even close to what it once was. The “Rally Killer” is an embarrassment and will cost this ball club dearly.

  6. Does anyone know or even have a thought why the coaches don’t intervene here? If a professional golfer was striking the golf ball as bad as Bellinger is striking (really not striking) the baseball, there would immediately be a swing coach making adjustments in the setup and swing mechanics. In other words, try holding bat at different angle, try standing in batters box further away from home plate, try hitting ball to left field One thing is for sure – If these type changes were tried it certainly couldn’t get any worse –

  7. Surprise Surprise!! Another article on Bellingers lack of hitting!! The media should be ripping Roberts after every game on what’s being done to fix Bellingers mechanics.

  8. So glad to hear that Mookie is confident about Bellringer….big deal…when is Mookie going to come back and be Mookie?

  9. Hey am I the only one that almost spit out my drink when a Dodger bench player ” Souza” had that huge RBI in yesterdays game? I’ve noticed that even the writers here haven’t mentioned a thing about how that must have been the 1st time they brought a guy up that delivered a big hit since well, BEATY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Dsouza!!!!!!!!!

  10. Fans should boo Roberts and Bellinger loud and clear. Heck I’m about to start a petition to have Roberts fired. Imagine how many games we’d be up in the standings if we had a decent manager.

    1. Think if this team had Bob Melvin…The guy ends up every year in the playoff’s with a bunch of triple AAA players. Get’s the most of everyone!! Think what he could do with a 275 million dollar lineup…

    2. Yes they should every time they are announced ! But nobody talks about that. Good comments, AM .

  11. Wanna bet Cody ends up getting professional help with his swing this off-season? Better question is why is he waiting till the off-season?

  12. I love Cody and I think he’ll be ok, but at this point, I, for whatever it’s worth, think he needs to go to AAA, out of the bright lights, and start over with the basics on his swing. I think leaving him in the show is just destroying his confidence. Go to AAA, get the swag back and correct the many problems in his swing right now. He swings with his back leg collapsed, his head is flying out, he’s missing pitches right down the middle and can’t hit high cheese on the inner third, or outer third of the plate. That’s a lot of holes to just leave him in the Majors flailing like he is right now.

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