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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Speaks About Possibly Pitching in Game 5 Against San Francisco

In a matter of hours, the final spot in the Championship Series will be filled by one of the best two teams in baseball. The Dodgers and Giants have battled it out all season long, but only one can move on after tonight’s decisive Game 5.

With everything on the line tonight, it will be all hands on deck from both sides as both teams do whatever it takes to end the other’s season. Part of the chess match tonight will be the bullpen use and how long the starters will go. While the Dodgers are hoping for an efficient outing from Julio Urías, his leash will be much shorter than it normally is as Dave Roberts tries to keep the Giants from gaining any momentum.

One name that has been discussed endlessly is Game 3 Starter Max Scherzer, who would be throwing on two days’ rest. While Roberts has wrestled with the decision over the past few days, it seems as if the future Hall-of-Farmer did his best to make the choice easier for him.

Similarly to Walker Buehler in Game 4, Max took it upon himself to let his manager know that he wants the ball. Both players know the importance of these games and want to leave their mark on every possible moment.

It’s still debatable whether or not we’ll actually see Scherzer in this one, as Roberts clearly wants to hold onto him for a Game 1 start against the Braves in the NLCS. But then again, there is no Game 1 if they don’t win tonight. The Dodgers have announced that Corey Knebel will start tonight’s game and be followed by Julio Urías, but everything else is anyone’s guess.

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The best case scenario would be for the Dodgers to come out and take an early lead, but the Giants won’t just go away quietly. If the moment is right and the game hangs in the balance, you can bet that Mad Max will be warming in the bullpen, ready to etch his name in the history books yet again.

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  1. I take back all the bad things I said about Cody, we’ll most of them anyway.

    A bit of Karma on that check swing call to end game. perhaps? That has to be the first bad call fo go against Giants all year?

    1. Tim, all of it. The check swing, winning on there home field….POETIC JUSTICE!!!!

      Now baseball absolutely has to give us Dodgers vs Effing Cheaters part two, and a 4 game Dodger Sweep!!! For the love of the game! Make it so!

      1. It will be the Red Sox in the World Series. Have you all forgotten that Kike and Verdugo are with them?

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