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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Talks About Almost Joining the Padres in San Diego

Remember that brief hour or two when Max Scherzer was heading to the Padres at the trade deadline? The Padres certainly do. Of course, we know that Mad Max thankfully put on Dodger blue and white over Padre brown and ugly at the deadline and has been a stabilizing force in a rotation that has dealt with injury after injury in 2021.

Still, on Wednesday, the Dodger pitcher was asked about that whirlwind period where even he thought he was heading to San Diego.

I even thought I was going to be a Padre. Usually Twitter can sniff out anything and it was coming through on Twitter that I was getting close to being a Padre. Obviously, that was one of the teams I was going to accept a trade to … but it’s funny how things happen. That’s the way baseball goes. It didn’t happen and I’m a Dodger.

The future Hall of Famer is 3-0 in 4 starts with Los Angeles, posting a 2.11 ERA with 31 strikeouts over 21.1 innings pitched. His trade to LA has proven to be one of the sure-fire wins of the deadline so far.  

Max is set to face the Padres for the first time with the Dodgers in a marquee matchup against former Dodger Yu Darvish. First pitch is scheduled for 6:10 PM in San Diego.

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Clint Pasillas

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    1. Funny how Darvisg got well enough to be activated, but ONLY because of facing Dodgers. He probably stays on IL if it was any other team but Padres revolve all their player decisions around the Dodgers anyway.

      1. So True Paul. The Dodgers are the Padres World Series. It was very important for the Dodgers to grind out that win last night. The team is FINALLY showing the grit they had in the post season last year. It’s a great thing to watch. Vessia especially firing up the team. One of the 1st times I’ve come on here to show complete satisfaction of how Roberts is managing the team. He does deserve kudo’s when he makes good decisions. Of course Buehler made his bull pen depth much better last night, but he managed it well in the 5-2 game win also…

        1. Will Smith still being in the game late was a good non move by Roberts. Earlier in the year I can see him getting pulled and the team losing offense in extras

          1. Yeah Don, he is doing a better job at his high leverage moments. He’ll put trienen in the 7th if the 2-3-4 is up. He’s been Trusting Vessia, NOT trusting Gonsales. He has been saving Barnes Beaty and Pujols for Later in games. Health has been a big factor as well, but it’s looking like Roberts is lightening up on picking favorites, and beafing up on who has been getting the job done..

        2. Agree! Last night Doc outmanaged Tingler all night being 2 steps ahead all night, especially in the extra innings. Tingler used up his bench players early, whereas Doc still had his in reserve to PH in critical moments. He also utilized his high-leverage pitchers only @ the most stressful times, saving Treinen and KJ. The Pads suffered when the pitchers spot was behind the no.3 and 4 batters, that’s on Tingler. However, w/ 2 on, no outs, should have had Belli @ least bunt them over ( if he knows how). Needed to get them over in RISP, instead of a possible DP or a wasted out, which happened. Minor thing but overall Doc managed it well and I hope he’s learning. Another small item, I noticed the other night w/ man on 1st and 3rd, 2 outs, Beaty double checked look @ Doc before going up to PH. I see earlier mistakes are being corrected.

          1. For sure I’m with you on everything you said. Muncy and Smith though both made mistakes getting in run downs with no out and on 3rd. Muncy easily could have gone back to 3rd and beat Machado, which may have made Machado force a bad throw etc. who knows..A couple of bad base running choices, as hopefully they’ll correct those in future games…

  1. Fantastic pitching from everyone (except Knebel). Good grinding out an important win! Go Blue!

  2. so Max almost became a pod. What a steal Dodger’s Friedman got trading 4 minor leaguers for Max and Trea! The Dodgers won big at the trade deadline, which bodes well for the playoffs. Is this fun or what? when the Dodgers’ owners forget the cost and have Friedman get whoever the team needs to get back to the World Series again. It’s a rare 180 from the McCourt days. #2 team in baseball, and still have yet to get Kersh and Betts back!! Unbelievable how deep and strong this team is. and so noticeable that doc, coaches and players all pulling in the same direction. don’t forget doc’s comment: getting Max was all about winning, hell-bent focus on it to a fault. Between Max and Albert bringing joy back to the clubhouse, its fun to be a Dodger again despite the tremendous pressure to win every game and the NL West.

  3. Paul, I disagree, if you had the universal DH in place you wouldn’t have these game strategies and the game would be too easy for the manager. This is where you see which manager knows his team to play chess w/ the other manager. Tingler used up his bench early on double switches @ the wrong spot in the lineup, and eventually using his pitchers to PH. Roberts did not have that problem as he had his whole bench and his high-leverage pen available to the end. I like it how managers manage games differently to strategically find ways to win.

    1. Well all I can recall is that Roberts, along with the rest of the NL managers and GM’s were wanting and hope the DH would return to protect their pitchers. Most fans don’t care to see pitchers batting and Urias was injured while batting. My point is really to have the same rules for BOTH leagues, one way or the other, with or without a DH. MLB is the only major sport currently with separate rules for each league. That’s my issue. I’m also not sure last night’s game would have gone 16 innings too if a DH was in place. I get the strategy part between managers but I would bet both Tingler and Roberts would prefer a DH as opposed to having the pitcher batting in crucial situations.

      1. Yeah it would definitely change the MLB’s efforts especially when they did the lame foreign substance check Point rule. The league could have simply got more offense by the DH, instead they make some stupid Karl Marx check point rule. Then, they file down the seems on the ball, and wah lah the National league is still low scoring pitching matchups while the American league is liking watching a soft ball game…

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