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Dodgers Minor League News: Alex Verdugo Wants Fastest Route to Majors

Many young men believe that they will make it to the majors at the age of 18-24, but that is not alway the case. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule such as 21-year-old Corey Seager in 2015 and 19-year-old pitcher Julio Urias, who debuted last season with the Dodgers. Alex Verudgo wants to be the next exception.

Some of the Dodgers top prospects were instructors for the youth clinics earlier this month and Alex Verdugo was a part of those workouts. Verdugo is the club’s No. 3 prospect at the age of 20 and is one of the youngest minor leaguers in the Double-A Texas League.

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But who are the first two top prospects in the Dodgers organization?

At the No. 2 spot would be Jose De Leon, who have been in some trades involving Brian Dozier. Cody Bellinger takes the No. 1 spot while playing with Triple-A Oklahoma, and who may take over Adrián González’s spot at first base.

While in Double-A Tulsa, Verdugo hit 13 home runs and 63 RBIs with a .273 average for the 2016 season. According to Ken Gurnick of, “He has the throwing arm for right field, but might lack the power to be an impact corner outfielder.”

“I got drafted out of high school and — I didn’t know anything — I’m telling people, ‘I want to be in the big leagues in two or three years,'” Verdugo said. “And they’re telling me, ‘That’s not how it works, man. In a lot of organizations, guys spend a season at each level and it can be four, five, six years.’ I’m like, ‘That’s awful.’

Verdugo also praised the Dodgers organization on how they acknowledge the minor league players on their playing ability.

“So what the Dodgers are doing, as players, we love it. We know if we’re doing everything right and we’re playing our best, we’re being the best teammates and we’re doing everything to get called up, we know that we will, or that we possibly have the chance,” said Verdugo.

Verdugo participated in the Arizona Fall League and represent Team Mexico in an exhibition at the Tokyo Dome in Japan with Dodgers first baseman Adrián González. The 20-year-old hopes to have an opportunity to represent Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

“That was, by far, one of the best experiences in my life,” he said. “The culture, the people — how they are and how they act and how much respect they [give] you –and man, they are nuts about baseball.”

Some of the other names that Verdugo will have to compete with will include:

  • Cody Bellinger
  • Jose De Leon
  • Willie Calhoun
  • Yusniel Diaz
  • Yadier Alvarez

And many more…

When do you think Alex Verdugo will make it to the Majors?

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  1. So if he isn’t projected to have an impact bat, what does he project out to be? Andre Ethier?

  2. Giantkiller Pretty much prime Andre Ethier with a better arm.  And if that is the case that is still an excellent player to have.  Remember, Ethier before his inconsistency and injuries (2008-2013) was a solid corner OF’er.  His 127 wRC+ was 10th during that time period for outfielders with over 3000 plate appearances.  That is very solid.  His defense was well below average though for a number of those years.

  3. yarritsblake Giantkiller When has Ethier not been injured or inconsistent…….He is an old man.

  4. Oh, absolutely I’ll take that all day. I wasn’t knocking him at all when I likened him to Ethier. Ethier is a solid, if unspectacular, bat when he is right and healthy. Hopefully he can hit lefties better than Ethier though, if he plans on being an every day player.

  5. I think the future is bright for the Dodgers with the very talented Farm Guys coming up. As Etheir and Gonzalez’s contracts are up in 2018 I would think we will see Bellinger and Verdugo make the  25 man rosters that year. They both need at least one more year along with possibly Calhoun. 
    I am hoping as there is a slot at second they bring in Calhoun to platoon at 2nd.  They could use Kike from the right side and Calhoun from the left and should have very sound offensive numbers from that position. Plus Barnes can sub there also. I would like for them to bring in Calhoun as you need to slowly bring in rookies so as to keep team continuity and learn how to play and conduct yourself as a professional. I think our Dodger vets teach the professional aspect very well.

    This year should have Urias, Stripling, Dayton, and Stewart from last years pitching rookies. Combined with Seager, Toles, Thompson, and Pederson it is the start of a very talented young core. We can hope Pederson continues to improve at the plate. He made great strides last year.  Toles looks to be one of those guys that can flat hit. Curious if Segedin will be in the mix he could be a great offensive guy. Should be a great and fun year. The Dodger are doing the almost impossible in that they are winning the division the last few years but also integrating young players into the team to reduce budget but stay competitive. A very difficult feat. And we should have Verdugo and Bellinger next year!!…

  6. Tmaxster Winning the division and falling flat in the playoffs. I’m sorry but since they ate Crawford’s insane contract they should eat Ethier’s also.

  7. Brad Machado TmaxsterSorry Brad, I disagree. Etheir was hitting really well and had won a spot in the OF and possibly the Lead-off spot according to Dave Roberts. The broken leg is a very fluke injury. Etheir is a doubles machine and can help in the OF. 
    Crawford’s game was built on speed and his legs are shot. He was never the hitter Etheir is or was. 
    I believe Etheir will have a shot at winning a spot on the roster. But he must compete with Toles, Thompson, Van Slyke, Verdugo, Segedin and others. We will see. That is part of the fun of the Spring. 
    It looks like they are going to keep Puig so that lends a bit if interest also…Which Puig do we get this year?

  8. Giantkiller I agree with “Ethier is a solid bat when he is right and healthy” I disagree with “unspectacular”. Yes, .280 – 15 – 70 is “unspectacular” but how soon we forget. When right and healthy, Ethier was “Mr. Clutch” for us….He was spectacular!

  9. Brohan Giantkiller Brohan I agree, it is not fair to rate an athlete when they are injured. Baseball is difficult enough to perform when 100%. A Great example was Thompson, he was lights out in the first of the year. All of sudden his BA and OBP plummet. Find out he has broken vertebrae in his back!
    With Etheir there is no reason to believe that he will not hit if healthy. He has been a great offense player his entire career. 
    He has one more year on his contract. I believe the Dodgers will play him in a platoon. He can block any trade…
    But I would play Toles if possible as he is young and dynamic and has great speed. 
    I am hoping they had Toles working with base-stealing coaches to get him to learn the craft…

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