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Dodgers Minor League News: Oklahoma City Honored With Top Award

The quality of a major league organization stretches beneath the far reaches of what you see on-screen. Recently, the Oklahoma City Dodgers have been the breeding ground of much talent for the big league club. Now, they have been recognized as one of baseball’s top franchises.

The OKC Dodgers have been awarded the Bob C. Freitas award from Baseball America.

The award is no small thing for an organization to win. Here is what it’s all about:

The Bob C. Freitas is an award presented by Baseball America each year since 1989 to a franchise based on community involvement, long-term business success and consistent operational excellence.

Oklahoma City becomes the first Dodgers affiliate since 1995 to take home the award.

“The Bob Freitas Award is one of the highest achievements a minor league baseball team can receive, and we are honored to have been selected by Baseball America,” OKC Dodgers president and general manager Michael Byrnes said in a release. “This award isn’t possible without the support of our community, our fans and our passionate and creative team members that drive our success.”

The AAA club drew 24 sellouts and a total season-attendance of more than 463,000 fans. Furthermore, this included the highest percentage increase in attendance in the Pacific Coast League.


The Oklahoma City Dodgers likely don’t get enough credit when it comes to assessing the holistic success of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Still, they’re a marquee reason the Dodgers sustain a winning culture from year over year. The things we take so often for granted can change overnight. If the health of a minor league franchise is compromised or poorly run, there will be a ripple effect. Equally important, with Oklahoma City in great shape at the current time; the Dodgers should continue to thrive at the highest level. The level that we see on-screen each night.

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