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Dodgers: MLB Columnist Reporting League is Shooting For 100 Games and SoCal World Series

Baseball is a world full of question marks at the moment, but one MLB Columnist believes he has the answers. Matt Spiegel of am670 in Chicago is reporting that he has sources close to baseball executives that believe they know what the league is shooting for. Dodgers fans are going to want to listen up on this. 

The highlights of the report mostly concern the Dodgers. In the sourced Tweet, Spiegel says that MLB is almost certainly calling off the All-Star Game that was to be hosted in Los Angeles. Instead, Los Angeles could play home to a potential neutral field for the World Series if the league is pushing the season later into the year. 

In addition to those terms, the source also said that the league was hearing for 100 games beginning on the first of July. That would line up with the predictions of most around baseball that figured the league might shoot for a Fourth of July start. The new schedule would reportedly pick up the post-All-Star game schedule and finish up in mid-October.

Moreover, if the Dodgers were to make the World Series, their away games during the series would be in Anaheim or San Diego.

A reminder that the source from Spiegel has not been identified, and none of this has been remotely confirmed by anyone else. But getting teased with a possible start date for baseball is just too juicy to ignore at this stage of our quarantined life. 

If the Dodgers picked up the schedule on July 1st as reported, that would have been a matchup against the Cincinnati Reds at home. The Dodgers had less than 75 games scheduled from July 1st to the end of the year, so it is unclear how the league would decide teams finish out the remaining games to reach 100. 

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  1. The champion under these circumstances would only be slightly above the ‘17 champion as far as respect goes

    1. That’s not true at all! I’m fact they would be heroes, remembered as having conquered a very difficult season for all!

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