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Dodgers: MLB Expert Labels LA Signing Carlos Correa a “Moonshot”

The winter of free agent shortstops has officially started. Really just on paper, since not one of the major free agent shorstops have been signed as of Friday night. Longtime Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager is right near the top of the bumper crop. Noted Dodgers nemesis Carlos Correa is also available for hire.

Could the Dodgers sign Correa to a multi-year deal this winter?

One MLB expert,‘s Will Leitch, believes Correa’s defense, and offense, could be a big boost for the Dodgers. Assuming that is, that the Dodgers don’t re-sign Seager.

Since Correa became a regular starter in 2016, he’s slashed .276/.358/.476. He ranks eighth in OPS (.834), third in wRC+ (127), and first in walk-rate (11.0%). Seager on the other hand owns the better OPS (.865) and wRC+ (131) during that span. Surprisingly, Seager, who’s built a career on swinging at the first pitch, ranks seventh in walk-rate (9.3%).

Leitch notes feels that Dodgers signing the former Houston Asterisks shortstop isn’t likely, but certainly intriguing.

“But the Dodgers, if they don’t bring back Seager, might like Trea Turner at second base and want to shore up their defense (and of course the offense) with Correa. This is a moonshot, but the Dodgers aren’t afraid to add to something that’s already a team strength.”

Defensively, Correa grades out as the fourth best shortstop by DRS (defensive runs saved) with 63. RZR (Revised Zone Rating) and UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating) are not as kind to Correa. He ranks 17th in UZR and 15th in RZR. Depending on which defensive sabermetric one prefers, Seager beats Correa out in both UZR (11th) and RZR (8th).

Numbers are great. Bringing to Correa to the Dodgers to replace Seager is more than just statistics. Correa was quite vocal, and demonstratively defensive, during his infamous interview with Ken Rosenthal after Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger called out the Astors for cheating.

The shortstop responded to Cody Bellinger by accusing him of not being capable of reading the report.

If the Dodgers do shoot the moon, Correa and Bellinger might need a dinner or two to smooth things over.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Dodgers have pretty bad luck when signing rivals that fans don’t like. Brian Wilson was awful. Jeff Kent was a bully in the clubhouse. Think Correa might mix well in the clubhouse and become a fan favorite? Think again. Save your money.

    1. Seager isn’t coming back either. Scott Boras is his agent. We have Trea as shortstop.

      1. We do not want Correa around]. This is a totally useless topic. The fans, including me, know that he was part of the team that cheated us out of a championship and he won’t be accepted. He’s never shown any remorse or taken responsibility for what they did. It would be a huge error on the part of the FO to sign him.

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