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Dodgers: Justin Turner Talks Where He’s at with his Hamstring Injury

As we settle into the long, cold offseason, it gives players much needed time to rest, recharge, and importantly, recover from any injuries suffered last season. And Dodgers’ third baseman Justin Turner is fully taking advantage of the opportunity. 

Turner’s postseason ended early after he suffered a grade 2 hamstring strain in the NLCS against the Braves. It was there that LA’s hopes for a World Series repeat became even bleaker. Now about a month later, JT was back and on his feet while helping the Dodgers foundation last week. It was then that am570’s Dave Vassegh got an injury update from the veteran Dodger.

Definitely feeling better. I’ve been up (at Dodger Stadium) working out with the trainers and strength guys for three-four weeks now and I feel like I’m in a pretty good place.

JT turned 37 earlier this week and undoubtedly that comes with more health concerns heading into 2022. Last year he played in a career-high 151 games (tied with 2016) and it showed. In late August, he admitted that he was feeling the wear and tear of the full 162 game season after coming off the pandemic shortened 60 game season in 2020. After posting an All-Star first half, Turner struggled over the final 67 games of the season. His .241 average in the second half was 60 points lower than his first half average (.305) and his run production declined as well.

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The unofficial captain of the team certainly deserves credit for making himself available to Dave Roberts daily, but if it costs him by the time the postseason rolls around — he hit just .118 in 10 games — it might not have been as worth it in the long run.

2022 will be Turner’s ninth season with the Dodgers.

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  1. Unfortunately Father Time is catching up to JT. We should look to Chris Bryant and if the DH comes to the NL JT would be a good fit. What do you think?

    1. Concur, if Bryant would be willing to sign here, and Roberts still managing next year doesn’t hinder that. Dodgers utilized the DH very well in 2020 and JT would be ideal. Not sure being only a DH would suite him well but wss. First there has to be a new CBA put in place, otherwise no further transactions of any sort can take place as of Dec. 1 if no new deal is in place.

  2. This is just another example of Roberts not knowing how to manage the long game. Urias pitched about 30 innings more than usual, but although it led to 20 wins, was he ready to go 195 innings? He had an absolute meltdown against Atlanta although you can blame the awful decision to not actually have him Start that game as well. They mention games played for position players but it should be an innings management as well. There were plenty more games Roberts could have pulled his aging star 3B. The errors he was making in the last month of the regular season were a huge red flag he needed resting.

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