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Dodgers: MLB Insider Believes LA Will Be Among the Teams to Make a Push for Francisco Lindor

The Dodgers are always going to be rumored in every big name available on the market. Whether it be via free agency or trade, the big market team in Los Angeles is always going to be a part of the conversation somehow. 

With news of the Cleveland Indians looking to move Francisco Lindor coming to light, the Dodgers are once again wrapped up in the speculation. MLB Insider Jon Heyman talked about the possibility of him going to LA on his podcast this week. Heyman thinks a lot of things would have to happen first, but he still believes they will be involved. 

More likely, it’s going to be one of the New York teams or you know, look at LA. They could move Seager to third base, I think that’s a long shot probably at this point. They had tried for Lindor in the past, but I do think they’ll try to keep Justin Tuner who is a free agent…I do think LA is more likely to bring Turner back than to go for another big piece. They’d like to keep Seager long terms and I think they’d like to keep Bellinger. 

The likelihood of the Dodgers actually going after Lindor does seem like a stretch. Lindor will enter free agency next season and is sure to command a hefty Mookie Betts type of contract. That being said, it’s likely that the team that trades for him will want to lock him down for the long-term. 

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The Dodgers have both the money and the prospects to get a deal done if they chose to. Unfortunately, they also have a handful of stars that will need to be paid over the next couple of years. Corey Seager can enter free agency after the 2021 season. Walker Buehler, Julio Urias, and Cody Bellinger are not that far behind either. You would have to think that their goal is to pay some of those guys before going after any top talent. 

Can the Dodgers get Francisco Lindor? Absolutely. But the likelihood of them going after the elite shortstop would be dependant on far too many things to get the job done. Expect Lindor to be wearing one of the New York teams’ uniforms when the 2021 season rolls around. 

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  1. ” Experts” are always linking the Dodgers with big names like Lindor, Harper, Rendon etc. And they are always wrong! Why does anybody call them experts?

  2. There may be no dumber thing the Dodgers could do than trade for Lindor as a one-year rental.

  3. “Rumors.” Ha-Ha. The experts (i.e. agents) are just trying to jack the price up. Dodgers don’t need Lindor. Great player, but not for us.

  4. Brook, I agree with you and Daniel. Lindor does not make much sense as Seager came back injury-free and demonstrated what an all-around player he is. And Seager hit in the clutch to be a key in winning the WS.
    Most of Dodger Nation wants and believes Turner will be back.
    Lindor is documented as wanting a Machado type contract. We all know the Dodger players will need new contracts soon. We all hope the Dodgers can reach an agreement with Seager, Bellinger, Bueler, and Urias to extend them. That will be expensive.
    Thankfully Kershaw’s contract along with Jansen is off the books in 2021 and Price’s in 2022.

  5. I was one of the guys pulling to get Lindor last off-season before we got Betts. But when we got Betts everything changed. Betts is the right-handed leadoff guy that put the Dodgers over the top and finally gave us a championship team. We don’t need any new high priced free agent leading into 2021. Just keep the guys we have, and develop the guys in the system. Re-sign JT. Keep some money in the bank to re-sign Seager. Wait and see if Bellinger can rediscover his swing. If he doesn’t show a lot more in 2021, you can’t pay him as if he’s still an MVP.

  6. This is plausible, Justin Turner is not likely to be resigned, move Seager to 3b where major league scouts said he could end up anyway (and extend his career). Dodgers have the money, San Diego, Atlanta, and others are going to get better. Lindor is an incredible talent and great asset to a team much like Mookie Betts.

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