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Dodgers: MLB Writer Assembles Hypothetical Francisco Lindor Trade Package for LA

Fresh off a World Series win, the Dodgers are looking to lock and reload for another deep run into October next year. Of course, for 2020, Andrew Friedman landed Mookie Betts from Boston and eventually locked him up to a long-term extension.

Now the question is, will Friedman and the Dodgers be as ardent as they were last offseason as they look to improve?

The chances don’t feel as likely — at least to the caliber of a Mookie move. Still, MLB experts, writers, and insiders are doing what they can to spice up the offseason hot stove by linking LA to some of the biggest trade chips on the market. And the 2020 offseason is starting to read a lot like the 2019 version did.

In fact, once again, Indians’ star shortstop Francisco Lindor has been linked to LA. And now one baseball writer is going as far as to put together their own hypothetical package for the 4-time All-Star. Here’s the deal that gets it done in the eyes of Sarah Langs.

Dodgers get: SS Francisco Lindor

Indians get: RHP Dustin May, 1B/OF Matt Beaty, OF Cody Thomas

On paper, the proposal looks a little thin for Cleveland. Sure, Dustin May put himself on the radar in 2020, but didn’t quite firmly entrench himself on the map yet. And with Matt Beaty, if anything, he took a big step backward in 2020 thanks to the way the Dodgers utilized his talents. Or didn’t, rather. And finally, outfield prospect Cody Thomas — a star for LA last spring training (1.0) — is 30th on their top-30 prospects list. Basically, he’s not quite ready for primetime, even for a team like Cleveland that desperately needs help in the outfield.

The Indians have made their intentions known that they plan to trade Lindor, who is set to eclipse $20 M in his final year of salary arbitration. Something they aren’t willing to pay. Moreover, the 27-year-old is a free agent after the 2021 season, begging the question of whether the Dodgers would look at him as a one year rental, or as an extension candidate.

For a rental, losing May could be a bit too high of a price. If the club would explore locking him up long term, what would that mean financially for their own stars (Corey Seager, Walker Buehler, Cody Bellinger) that are looking to get paid in the next few seasons?

Chances are high that Frankie Lindor gets traded this offseason… I just wouldn’t bet much on his destination being the Dodgers.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. No, just no.

    We saw in the World Series that you can never have enough pitching – geeze we had to throw two bullpen games and I never want to see that again – and I think that May has a much higher ceiling than Gonsolin. I’d rather see Lux be traded than May, although Lux clearly isn’t the draw that he was this time last year. Even if we got Lindor and signed him long term, that would mean saying goodbye to either Seager or Bellinger because the Dodgers are not going to carry three $200M+ contracts going forward. Lindor was an intriguing option BB (Before Betts), but he isn’t necessary anymore.

  2. We need Lindor as the old saying goes like Custer needed another Indian ( no pun intended). Maybe Bauer ( if he would sign for one or two years max) but Rainbirdmuse makes a lot of sense. The Dodgers took it all even with Bellinger and Muncy having down years compared to priors. Turner is worth another year or two and Treinen is also worth bringing back. With so many hot shot minor leaguers ready or almost ready some other decisions need to be made. Re-sign Hernandez or give Lux the shot? Re-sign Hernandez and use Lux as trade bait? Expect Price to play and have a great year, opt out again, or be the next coming of Wood in failing to meet expectations? Use Lux, Rios, Beaty, a pitcher Gonsolin or May) and/or others ( but not all) to trade for a front line pitcher with retainability? The Dodgers do not need to do much but they need to watch the Padres breathing down their necks and show some improvement over last year’s established great team. Alkl things considered I would rather be on the outside awaiting the moves rather than the one to pull the trigger, delighted my milieu was elsewhere in life

  3. We don’t need ANY one-year rental that costs ANY top prospects. Nor do we need almost any long-term Betts-like contract that means we don’t keep Bellinger, Seager, Buehler, Urias, etc.

    1. I just don’t think we need Lindor since we got Betts. Mookie gave us the right handed bat and the speed leadoff guy we really needed. Lindor is a switch hitter who is much more effective from the left side. Even with Mookie we’re already heavy with left-handed bats. Cleveland is hard to deal with. The Dodgers have chased Kluber, Clevinger, and Lindor in the past. Cleveland always wants too much. Let the Yankees have him. The Padres already have Tatis. They aren’t going to go after Lindor. So let him go. Re-sign JT to a 2 year contract now. One year would be an insult. Three years might be a little bit risky, but I would do it if need be. Re-sign Seager to a long term contract now. Why wait a year? Lock him up now. Take some key moving parts off the table now. Hold off on Bellinger until he rediscovers his swing. If the Dodgers really want Lindor, trade Price instead of May. May has future and is cheap. Price is mostly a thing of the past that the Sox unloaded for a reason and the Dodgers should probably do likewise.

  4. The problem with resigning Turner is the Dodgers might have to give him 3 years, because someone else will. Unless Turner wants to give a big “hometown” discount to Dodgers I think he’s gone

    1. Not a 3-yr deal for Turner, too old & questionable judgement. If choosing between Seager & Bellinger, I would choose Seager, aren’t Seager, Bellinger & Urias all Boras clients?

      1. Bellinger is a constant contender for the GG, won an MVP, and is a consistent 30+ homer threat. Even in this down year, he was still on pace for .240/32/82, and finished 2nd for the GG which is still very good. Cody Bellinger, over 162 games, is a better player than Corey Seager. Period.

  5. There’s no reason to even do this in the first place but especially not since this proposal is stupid.

  6. Assuming the Dodgers wish to retain Seager, Bellinger, Buehler, and Urias and assuming Boras makes it remotely possible, they will need young controllable players to surround them. Trading any of their top-tier prospects – outside of Ruiz – or first year players makes less than zero sense.

  7. These long term contracts are a double edged sword. On the plus side you are, over time paying with cheaper dollars. the value of the dollar over time diminishes over the years. On the down side is the chance of reduced production and/or injury. Look at what Seager has been through at a young age.
    I’d trade Lux and sign Lemieu (sp?), keep JT who can transition into a David Freeze role at some point. Who is going to platoon with Pollock?

  8. If you want to dream big on free agents at least dream about guys that will fill a real need. Lindor does not fill a pressing need, since we got Betts.

    Le Maheiu would slot in instantly at second base. Hernandez and Lux would become instantly expendable, and even Taylor to a lesser extent. We have been playing musical chairs at 2b for a while. LeMaheiu would instantly lock it down.

    Bauer is a fit for any team. Everyone needs dominant starting pitchers. Kershaw, Buehler, and Bauer would be lights out in the postseason. The young guns (Urias, May, and Gonsolin would help get us to the postseason, and fill in where needed in the postseason. Bullpen games would become a thing of the past. Even one year of Bauer would be huge, as in back to back championship huge. Bauer’s preference for short term contracts would actually work in the Dodgers favor as far as re-signing their own upcoming free agents

    But these are mostly dreams. The likelihood of getting either LeMaheiu or Bauer is about as thin as a vegan triathlete. And the likelihood of back to back championships is still really good without either.

    1. previous posters pointed out the obvious…..too many superstars are too expensive to keep on big contracts. i think it’s a year or maybe two before the payroll becomes unmanageable. so….right now 2nd base is the big hole. you thoughts to slot in lemahieu are exactly what i’m thinking. i’m not as sure as you about the likelihood of back to back championships but i would be with lemahieu. our pitching is fine. resign treinen.

  9. Lindor simply does not fill aposition of need. JT, Treinen need to be re- signed those are priorities and tahen the bigger priorities thus will be Seagerr, Buehler and Bellinger. Also Urias as well. Dodgers DO NOT need to see those players mentioned playing elsewhere and doing well. Bottom line, Lindor talk should be off the table. No sense at all in trading ANY top prospect for a 1 year rental.

  10. No way I trade May. NO WAY!Espcially not for a one year rental of Lindor when we have CS.DM has the stuff, the makeup and the charisma to become the next ace of the Dodgers.
    AF should get fired on the spot if he does a trade like that.

    Sign Bauer to his preferred 1 year deal, bring back JT for 2 more years, a big time reliever and the Dodgers are set up for another WS trophy in 2021.

    Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I don’t understand all posts stating the Dodgers have a big hole at 2B. Chris Taylor is an exceptional defender and a more than adequate bat. Furthermore, I understand the questions surrounding Lux – I too share them – but the truth is the Dodgers need him as a young controllable player with all the guys they will soon need to pay. The team is going to give Lux every opportunity to succeed and it’s the smart play. Way too soon to give up on him.

    1. Lux has had 2 seasons and an offseason to get it together. I looked at his minor league stats, and prior to his huge 2019 season where he slashed .347/26/79, he averaged .293/12/33 and 8 SB in 89 games every year. Those are not superstar stats. Those are average to above average stats. And in the majors, you mostly do worse than you did in the minors. Lux is slated, by baseball reference, to hit .245/11/43 in 109 games. Taylor´s best season was 2017 where he hit .288/21/72 and stole 17 bases. Since then, he´s averaged .263/13/55. Chris Taylor is a league average bat. We need a decent 2B man, a decent 3B, another starter, and 2 bullpen guys. We have a LOT of holes.

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