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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Puts His Faith in Walker Buehler and, Now, Julio Urias

The Dodgers live to fight another day after a gutty performance by the Buehl-dog, Walker Buehler, on Tuesday night. Pitching on short rest, Walker made it through 4.1 innings while allowing just one run. He threw 77 pitches just four days after throwing 99 in NLDS game 1.

If LA loses, the season is over and the questions get uncomfortable quickly. With that in mind, it was a no brainer for Dave Roberts to turn to Buehler for the do-or-die game 4 against the Giants. And for outfielder Mookie Betts, he 100% agreed that was the right call.

I just know when our backs are against the wall, we have a guy named Walker Buehler that gets us out of it.

Of course, Mookie did his part to give Buehler some points to work with. The All-Star went 2-4 with a massive 2-run home run in the 4th inning, finishing with 3 runs batted in by the end of the night. Along with Mookie, the top 4 hitters in the lineup — all of which have struggled mightily over the first three games of the division series — broke out with 8 hits en route to the 7-2 victory at Dodger Stadium.

Now, there will be a decisive game 5 back up in San Francisco. And for Mookie, he’s ready for the other homegrown ace to send the Dodgers on to the NLCS.

Now Julio has to bring us home.

Julio Urias will get the ball against Logan Webb of the Giants on Thursday and for of Dave Roberts, he’s a big fan of Julio in that situation.

Julio wants to be the guy… he wants to be the guy.

Take a day to breathe, Dodgers Nation. We ride again on Thursday night.

Clint Pasillas

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  1. As it should be, the two best teams in baseball. Having the stage all to themselves. After the two “heavyweights” have exchanged body blows for 4 games, I truly believe it’s Julio “Babe” Urias who delivers the Tyson Fury haymaker that turns out the lights on the fairytale Giants season on Thursday. The defending champs got completely embarrassed by Webb in game 1. I just don’t see that happening again. Dodgers have out-scored the Giants 16-8 over the first 4 games. Dodgers have answered the bell in two elimination games in one week. Should be an awesome game.

    Let’s go Dodgers!

  2. I am treating this game as though it is Game 7 in the World Series. What more can the WS provide than this game will? I have a good feeling that Julio will continue to shine and predicting that Webb will make a mistake or two. The Giants are, and have been, exceeding all expectations for the season, but have had some incredible luck, too. It’s time for the Dodgers to get a bit of luck now – so many hard hit balls by them in this series that didn’t land “where they ain’t.” Sorry, SF – It’s Time For Dodgers Baseball!

    1. RichardH, right on brother! Giants have been the recipients of an extraordinary amount of good fortune this year. I’ve seen every Dodger game all season, and a large number of Giants’ games as well. Giants have been doing it with smoke and mirrors all season. Thursday the smoke clears! As a former pitcher, I’d much prefer facing the Giants lineup rather than the Dodgers!

      Let’s go Dodgers!

      Doug, if you’re reading this you know I’m not Manny Mota either 😉

  3. The offense will be the key that advances Dodgers to the NLCS on Saturday or sends them home. Roberts has already touched on the fact the hitters cannot go up to the dish with just an intent to slug cause as he said, Webb doesn’t serve up a lot slug. Making contact, moving runners over, good situational hitting. Uris will do fine and we have the BP ready to support him.

    1. Even in the wins, Drrrrr could of had bellinger, especially JT bun to beat the shift. As we saw with a 3-2 count the runner took off opening the 2nd base side because 2nd basemen covered, as bellinger hit it through. It doesn’t just have to be a 3-2 count to put on a hit and run. 2-1 is the preferred count, or even 3-1. JT isn’t hitting the ball so why not have him bunt. The ego’s need to be checked at the door if the Dodgers want to win….

      1. Kirk, excellent point! Gotta use all weapons in an elimination game! But can you please tell me why it’s called a hit-and-run and not a run-and-hit? Never understood that.

        Let’s go Dodgers! Beats those Giants.

        PS. Deep down I’m nervous as all get out!

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