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Dodgers: Walker Buehler Demanded the Ball for Game 4

With the Dodgers facing elimination tonight, the Dodgers weren’t sure who to turn to. Earlier today the team announced that Walker Buehler would get the ball for the win or go home game. This will be Walker’s first time pitching on 3 days rest, so there’s no telling why to expect or how long.

The Dodgers have Tony Gonsolin or David Price on the roster as well who could eat up innings for the team early in the game, yet Dave Roberts revealed that going with Walker became more of a reality after he was approached by the 27-year telling him he wanted the ball.

“Taking down as many outs as we can with the best arms available was the original thought. Walker actually brought it up to us. We were late in kind of deciding since we wanted to make sure he woke up today feeling good. Once he came today and felt good, it was a no brainer. How long he can go, that will be dictated on how well he’s throwing the baseball and how he feels.”

How ever many innings Buehler can eat up would be huge for the team’s chances. He threw 6 1/3 innings on Friday night allowing 3 earned runs, one of them being a 2-run home run by Buster Posey. Still Walker has had a tremendous year, one that could possibly net him a Cy Young Award. His determination to right the ship and make up for his last outing hopefully pays off. 

“Having the player initiate the conversation and owning it I think bodes well for us.”

The postseason has been where he has truly shined since his arrival in the big leagues. In 67 2/3 innings, he has posted a 2.53 ERA. Buehler has proven time and time again he can rise to the occasion and put the team on his back when it matters the most. However, the offense has not had his back much this season, but if that can change, Los Angeles would survive another day. 

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  1. Alright! Now let’s go to SF and win! THIRD TIME’S A CHARM!!! 1951, 1962. 2021 for us!

    1. Wayne, actually it would be the 4th time. You left out 1982 when Joe Morgan of the Giants sent the Dodgers home.

    1. Don’t be surprised to see an appearance from Mad Max out of the pen in game 5. Just sayin.

        1. Dodger Boy, um nope. Mad Max came out of the pen for the Nats vs the Dodgers in the 8th inning in 2019 and struck out Lux, Taylor, and Pederson in order! I know my history.

          1. Whatever it takes to make tomorrow happen for the Dodgers…. As far as pitching, I, too, can see Scherzer making an appearence. After giving up Game 3’s only run, a Longoria’s HR, he was an absolute workhorse trying to keep us in the game. As importantly, a Dodgers’ “W” tomorrow night will require that our offense shows up EARLY (just like last night.) If the Dodgers are able to be patient at the plate and figure Logan Webb out to score, we will be alright. The Giants are counting on Webb to pitch well into the game, so make Webb work hard and get him rattled by making contact and scoring. Urias is solid but be prepared to see just about anything.

          2. B Mcp, you are spot on! But I will echo CT3’s comments…”we do our best when our backs are up against the wall.” I wish It wouldn’t come to that, but this team is battle-tested. I think they get it done. They make us fans sweat bullets, but come away with the W when we really need it.

      1. f4l – never happen. we have plenty in the pen to close out a game. It would have to be desperation at this point in Game 5 if we needed Max for an inning or two on 2 days rest. He threw a ton of pitches Monday – all of which were stressful due to the wind. I was there and saw it with my own eyes!

  2. I could definitely see Max getting an inning in game 5. The way Webb has been owning the Dodgers they have to approach it like they need a shutout. If Julio struggles he will likely get a quick hook.

  3. For what it is worth, this morning, MLB analysts were, for the most part, predicting a Giants win over the Dodgers tomorrow. Something that definitely stuck out for me was their mention of the Dodgers’ high chase rate against Webb. Again, our Dodgers are going to keep their mental game straight by exercising patience at the plate. (Talk to Muncy, guys.) Webb dominated us last outing but it is my hope that Dodgers’ players have figured him out enough to make contact and score. Webb can be beat and our team needs to determine how best to do so.

    1. If the “experts” (so-called) favor the gnats because Dodger hitters chased Webb all night, well then its a slam dunk Dodgers win this as I have no doubt the hitters will do much better as they did in Games 2 thru 4. Julio is the key; Shut down the gnat offense and Dodgers are the NLDS Champions!

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