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Dodgers: Mookie Betts ‘Ready For War’ With the Astros This Week

Mookie Betts was obviously not with the Dodgers in 2017. When they were getting cheated out of a World Series title by the Astros, Mookie was busy making waves with the Red Sox out in Boston. But that doesn’t mean he can’t hate what they did to the sport. 

The stage is set this week for an epic matchup between the Dodgers and Astros for 2 games in Los Angeles. It will be the first time since the cheating scandal broke that fans at Chavez Ravine will be able to give them the rude welcoming that some of them deserve. 

But despite the fact that Mookie was not with the Dodgers went the scandal happened, he’s ready to go to war for his team. The Dodgers outfielder fired up some teammates after the win on Sunday in Arizona. 

That’s really something for those guys. I wasn’t here, so I don’t have the same emotions that these guys have. But I’m ready for war. I’m on the Dodgers and no matter what my emotions are, I’ve got to ride with my team and we’re ready. 

You can file that one under ‘things that you love to see’. Mookie might not have been part of the Dodgers back then, but he knows what they stole from guys like Clayton Kershaw and Justin Turner. 

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The Dodgers and Astros series is expected to draw huge crowds out to the stadium this week. Not only because it’s the Astros, but trade-deadline start Max Scherzer will also be making his debut in blue on Wednesday. 

This week is going to be absolutely wild, and the Dodgers are ready to go. And they’ll be following right behind Mookie Betts. 

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  1. Hey Im a big Rookie Fan but can someone please remind the writer of this article that Mookie was on a Boston Team that pulled the same stunt. It just became a sore spot to MLB and they swept it under the rug.

  2. Hate to point it out to Muckie, but playing a game for 365 Million is NOT a War!
    Oh , the Dodgers were not cheated, they had their chances to win that Series.
    Get over it.

    1. Roberts botched game 2, that was the series as they lost by 1 game. However without the cheating they would’ve also won game 5 and made it moot. It matters

      1. Exactly Don. Russo on High Heat points out those 2 home losses by Dodgers but that does not eliminate the fact that Astros cheated just the same. It’s not just Dodgers saying this but it’s all of MLB. Problem was Manfred doing absolutely nothing to punish those players involved.

        1. Russo – a longtime Giant fan and Dodger hater – has said it but it doesn’t hold water. Game 5 was the key and there’s a ton of evidence that Houston knew exactly what Kershaw was going to throw. Had the Dodgers won that – and they certainly could have – they’d have won the series in 6 and Kershaw would’ve been the MVP instead of getting beat up for coughing the lead 3 times.

          1. Yes, in game 1 @ Dodger Stadium, Kershaw handcuffed the Asterisks for 7 strong innings, except one mistake to Bregman…. w/ 10 KO. They were baffled all night long and had no clue what Kershaw along w/ Barnes was setting them up for. Then in game 5 @ MinuteMaid, it was totally suspicious as if they new exactly what was coming. Just look @ their takes and swings on their approach compared to game 1. That game could have turned the momentum around for the Dodgers coming back home w/ a 3-2 game lead and putting more damper on the legacy of Kershaw.

          2. I do not give much credence to what comes out of Russo’s mouth, specifically as it pertains to the Dodgers. It is blatantly obvious that Russo is biased against the Dodgers. Regardless of what anyone says about what the Dodgers should or should not have done or ” the two home losses” or anything else that goes to performance, the bottom line is that the Astros cheated and had the upperhand. The Astros cheated and by virtue of their cheating, the Astros’ world series “win” is invalid. Tonight and tomorrow, Dodgers’ help to erase that smug look off of Correa’s face by winning.

          3. I think they cheated in game 5 and 7. They knew what Kershaw was throwing and in game 7, they knew what Darvish was throwing. They cheated because they knew they were going to lose, glad they were found cheating because the Dodgers could have won it in 5. They cheated and it still went 7 games

        2. Manfred gave the Astros players immunity for detailing the cheating. Manfred did not investigate all the other teams rumored to be cheating, including the Dodgers. He wanted it to go away quickly.

        1. Bum4ever, correct. But again that game 5 was impacted to say the least. But losing game 2 doesn’t take away the fact that MLBconducted the investigation that resulted with finding out that over all that 2017 series was fixed by the Astros and that inept Manfred let them basically off Scott free.

  3. Should have checked Muncy’s reaction since he’s become the Dodgers leader…I’ll be at the game tonight watching the ASStros go down.

  4. Giving Mookie the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was trying to fire up this semi-sedentary team, for the series. That being said, whenever I hear athletes comparing their competition to “war” I’m a bit irritated. Real war, real combat are a heck of a lot different than playing sports. Not many guys getting evacuated by chopper from MLB these days, or put in a body bag.

    Where do you put the bayonet on a baseball bat?

  5. Where do the Dodger players live during the off season?? And where do they live during the season ?

  6. It was really fun to see the team come together last week with hits after hit and a few long balls. I thought Mitch White did a fantastic job pitching. He just looks good. Super impressed with all batters. It’s like they see the ball and smack it more times with consistency. The pitcher automatic out needs to improve. or hopefully go back to the DH. We have a good looking team and are more aware of are spitting disorder.

  7. Calling it a “ war “ is little of a stretch, and I like the emotion. I know the team is going to be pumped and anxious, but need to just stay focused and play smart w/ composure. Play solid defense because the Astros don’t strike out much, always putting tte ball in play; while they play good defense. If the Dodgers have a lead, they need to continue to put the pedal to the metal and not let up till the final out. We don’t want to see a close game in the 9th….we know what can happen.

    1. Have you noticed the Astros enjoyed all of that and played w/ even being more focused and determined. They have won series against the opposition w/ the loudest stadiums. I am not a Asterisks fan, but I hope the Dodgers beat these cheaters and not disappoint us. And please, Kenley if you do come in to close, shut them down….I don’t want to see the boos targeting back towards you.

  8. Mookie Betts has done nothing to show that he is worth all that money. What we need is for someone to come up with a calculation to show how much each out at the plate costs the Dodgers.

    Not worth it.

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