Dodgers: More Proof Astros Cheated LA out of 2017 World Series

Tensions will be high, the atmosphere will be electric and the Dodger Stadium crowd will surely be serenading the Houston Astros with an onslaught on boos all game long when the two teams face off for the first time in front of fans since the 2017 Houston Astros were implicated in the sign-stealing scandal that rocked MLB.

We discuss how Carlos Beltran and Alex Cora masterminded the Astros’ nefarious cheating ways and why they’re the most to blame for the Dodgers getting robbed of the 2017 World Series. Plus, which Astros players benefitted the most from sign-stealing and we present out power rankings for who should get the loudest boos from Dodger fans.


Since the initial bombshell news broke, more information has come out about the sign stealing scandal and who was running the show. Still, through it all, the players have kept an annoying bravado about their championship in 2017. All around the league this season, Astros players have been getting feverishly at away stadiums. Certainly in Los Angeles, things are likely to pop off.

We asked fans about booing these Astros players on Twitter. Close to 6,000 people voted.

Where do you stand on this Astros issue all these years later? Sound off in the comments below (but watch the language).

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Dodgers vs Astros Series Preview: Chavez Ravine at Full Volume

Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Is your opinion article smarter than statistics? No? Then shut up already. Y’all choked 8 times in a row. Astros beat you. Go check out the study at Duke and quit crying. Enjoy your pseudo trophy. Yankees have 27, and y’all wish you could be the Yankees. But you’ll never be us. The dodgers are a joke.

    1. Wish we could be the Yankees? You’re outta your gourd.
      While we respect them we have never, don’t, and never will want to be the Yankees. Yankees fans are the worst fans on the planet, total and complete opposite of Dodgers fans, as your example has shown.

      1. Dodgers fans were on full display hosting the Astros. Do you really wanna live in a world where you can’t even go to a ball game in fear of a fight breaking out over who’s Jersey your wearing?! Does it make you a more loyal fan if your willing to fight at the GAME?!! Is this how you act at your children’s sporting events?! Grow up.

  2. The Astros have consecutively been on top since the 2017 World Series. With all due respect. Screw the Dodgers. Play the game and let’s see who gets the furthest. Not only that why does every team act like they don’t or have never stolen signs. Get over it.

    1. Teams have stolen signs to some degree, but MLB conducted an investigation and found in their round about way that Astros scandal was by far one of the worst instances. It’s too bad we have an inept Commisioner who let those cheating players get away with it. Do ya ever hear of others bringing up this sign stealing in the way it has been brought up with Astros? And it’s not just Dodgers here but pretty much all of baseball has it in for Astros wherever they play on the road..

      1. Paul: I agree entirely the Astros took cheating to a whole new level – and they got away with it.

        Nonetheless, they still managed to screw things up for the Dodgers this year by dropping games to the Giants and then coming to Chavez and shutting out our club. We can never get 2017 back, but it would be nice for this club to play up to their “on paper” potential. We’re running out of time and games left this year.

  3. Los Angeles Crybabies fans, get over it already….Behlinger went 1 for 27 in 2017, the ONLY Crybabies player getting hits is Trevor Bauer. Your City, County & State Government sucks like your team, the only reason people run for national office is to get away from that stench.

    You should erect a statue of Rob Manfred (he’s the MLB Commissioner..didn’t want you hurting yourselves thinking too hard), he got so tired of you whining & crying like little girls. He gave you one, so you would shut up already… DIDN’T WORK. Your Crybabies haven’t won anything in so long, people beginning to mistake you for New York Yankees (another bunch of crybaby fans BUT they at least WON theirs, not threw a tantrum until they got a “tainted” title.

    Enjoy the “tainted” title from Commissioner Manfred, don’t think y’all get another one for decades .

    1. What does California politics, as you see it that is, have to do with the Astros cheating during the 2017 World Series? Sounds as if you are “all over the map” and hurting yourself trying to justify and minimize your team’s cheating. I know that it must be incredibly embarassing to acknowledge that your Astros’ 2017 World Series “win” is what’s tainted; but, you really should control yourself, read the investigative report, and try really hard (if you can) to refrain from trolling Dodgersnation. Don’t the Astros offer its fan base something to read and reply to or are you just bored? As for your comments about Dodgers’ fans, “whining & crying like little girls” sounds a bit misogynistic…

      Great game tonight!

    2. “tainted title”? As opposed to the title your Astros won? I didn’t even see the Astros in the WS for that “tainted title”? STFU with your BS.

  4. If the Dodgers had won Game 7 at Dodgers Stadium, then this whole Astro cheating thing would be a moot point. So no, they should have/would have won the championship if the Astro didn’t cheat doesn’t hold water since the Dodgers should have/could have won Game 7, and they didn’t. Time to get over this. And yes, I’m a Dodgers fan since the early ’60s…my first real baseball glove was “autographed”by Sandy Koufax.

    1. Cute, but there shouldn’t have even been a game 7, due to the Astros cheating. Case in point: the Kershaw game.

    2. Ramey, you’re completely wrong. this wouldn’t have come up if the Dodgers had won game 7, but it should never have gotten to game 7. It should have never gotten to game 1. The Yankees were screwed even before the Dodgers. And don’t forget to consider the deep ramifications this had on careers, legacies, jobs, fans, etc. etc. This is maddening beyond belief because justice was never dished out, and the arrogance of the perpetrators is a slap in the face of everyone who loves this game, including the players who make it their livelihood. The Dodgers need to focus on winning this year, but one one should ever forget.

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