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Dodgers News: 23 Guarantees For Spring Training

It’s that time again – the time to see all the guarantees and predictions for Spring Training. We already had one article that discussed it today, courtesy of FOX Sports, but now we get one that focuses squarely on the Los Angeles Dodgers. It comes from the Los Angeles Times.

The article is titled “these 23 things are guaranteed to happen during Dodgers spring training”, and it’s pretty funny to read through. In it, author Steve Dilbeck writes on the comedic side of things, but also gave some interesting viewpoints on rather complicated scenarios.

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Some highlights from Steve Dilbeck of the Los Angeles Times:

Clayton Kershaw will win the team ping-pong tournament.

Despite their efforts, the Dodgers will not trade Andre Ethier and will still have that odd, jammed two-man crew with left-handed hitters Carl Crawford and Ethier in left.

Concern will grow Joc Pederson still looks more like the player who ended the season.

When the Dodgers break camp, they still won’t have a deal to get Vin Scully on the majority of networks in his final season.

Alex Guerrero will prove untradeable, refuse a triple-A assignment and force the Dodgers to waive him, eating the $10 million left on his contract.

That’s just a sample of what he wrote. I especially loved the part about Clayton Kershaw winning the ping-pong tournament because we all know that’s probably going to happen. After that, it’s a slew of stuff that we’re all majorly interested in.

For instance, Dodgers not trading Andre Ethier is a big deal, and it’s because they’d still have a logjam in left while eventually watching Ethier get his 10-and-5 rights. Joc Pederson still struggling is another huge deal simply because it means the second half Pederson might be the one that stays.

We’re all concerned that the vast majority of us can’t see or listen to Vin Scully as much as we’d like during his final season, and the guarantee that we won’t get to is a bummer. Lastly, the Dodgers eating Alex Guerrero’s contract after waiving him would be a huge thing.

So, check out the whole article. There were some fun guarantees like Dilbeck’s laptop exploding before the first game and Adrian Gonzalez declining a fight offer with Ronda Rousey. Check it out.

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