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Dodgers News: Fox Sports’ Spring Training Predictions

Today, FOX Sports dot com released their “27 fearless spring training predictions as pitchers and catchers report”, and it was quite amazing. It’s a full-on must read for any baseball fan, and there’s a lot of great stuff in there. Chief among them were three things involving the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The three specific areas that players from the Dodgers were mentioned had to do with certain players being in better shape as the season approaches, the rookie class having all the pressure on it to perform like last year’s class, and the domestic violence cases that are pending around the league.

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From Chris Bahr of FOX Sports dot com:

Yasiel Puig and Pablo Sandoval will report much fitter and far more motivated: We’ve seen Sandoval bounce back from similar concerns in the past, and the Dodgers appear willing to forgive and forget with Puig.

The Dodgers definitely do appear willing to forgive and forget with Puig, and it does already look like the talented Cuban outfielder is approaching the “best shape of life” stage of the offseason at this point. It’s amazing what motivation can do for you.

But that wasn’t all. Corey Seager had his moment on the list:

All eyes will be on Corey Seager and other rookie of the year candidates: Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager tops the list but is joined by Twins outfielder Byron Buxton and Nationals infielder Trea Turner, among others.

First off, those three listed are some of the best prospects in baseball. Seager and Buxton are usually seen as the top two, and Turner is just a tier or two below them on most prospect lists. It’s a potentially special group. Secondly, it’s going to be tough for this year’s rookie crop to outdo last year’s.

In case you thought Puig’s time in the article was done, think again:

The domestic violence suspensions will disgust you: And make no mistake, the discipline is coming for Puig, Jose Reyes and Aroldis Chapman.

No one knows what the discipline is going to be for any of these guys, let alone all three. There are lots of legal things that each player has to go through in order to come out on the other side ready to go for the season, and it remains to be seen what the investigations turn up.

The season is almost here, and Spring Training is set to begin in a few short days. Cheer up. We’re almost there. We’ve made it this far. Read through the FOX Sports article to see the other “fearless spring training predictions” that were listed.

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