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Dodgers News: AJ Pollock Improving But Still Needs More Time

The Dodgers losing AJ Pollock to an injury was a huge blow to their lineup. Despite the offense struggling to get going, Pollock had been one of the more consistent bats in the lineup for the better part of the year. 

So when he hit the injured list earlier this month with a hamstring injury, the Dodgers had to scramble a bit. It opened the door for Cody Bellinger to get more starts and made it so that Gavin Lux would eventually take on an outfield role. 

But Pollock is on the mend, and the Dodgers do expect him back soon. Dave Roberts provided an update on Monday and it sounds like he will not be heading out on the road trip with the team. That makes sense given that he is not expected to be ready to go. 

Prior to hitting the IL, Pollock had gone 30-for-99 since the start of August. That’s a .303 batting average over that span with 20 runs driven in and a total of 11 extra-base hits. He was on fire for the Dodgers, just as he has been all season. 

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While AJ continues to heal from the hamstring injury, it looks like Lux will get a decent chance to play regularly. He still needs work in the outfield, but the Dodgers continue to run him out there as a starter. 


      1. He is the worst player in all of baseball. Period. The sooner stupid Roberts realizes this, the better.

  1. I seem to remember earlier on the season Pollkck was injured w a similar injury, they brought him back too soon and he had to go back on the IL. Hamstring injuries are like that, I hope they are careful this time, especiallg since we are winning wo him.

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