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Dodgers News: AJ Pollock to Resume Baseball Activities

AJ Pollock is set to resume baseball activities tomorrow and also had his PICC line removed, according to JP Hoornstra of the Orange County Register.

Pollock has been on the Injured List since May 1 with an elbow infection as a result of previous procedures.

The Dodgers brought Pollock over this off-season, inking him for five seasons. Upon his return, he should fight Alex Verdugo for playing time in center field.

Pollock had a .617 OPS prior to being placed on the Injured List.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. The following players are a liability for the dodgers and should be traded: Hernandez, Barnes, C Taylor, Pollock
    Also Dave Roberts needs to be replaced.

    1. Barnes and Pollock yea. Hernandez and Taylor no……..Hernandez plays so many places his defense is invaluable. Taylor and all his unproductive outs at the plate backs up Seager and there are not any more Manny Machado rentals just falling in our laps. These two guys don’t hit much anymore but that is not why they are out there. It’s called defense.

      1. Hello bluz1st. Barnes can be dealt if Dodgers decide that Will Smith is ready to come up here for good. I concur with ya on Taylor and Hernandez but as we all know, defense IS important to keep the pitcher from having to throw more pitches than necessary due to the errors extending the inning. Roberts has indicated that production from a player is vital if that said player wants more playing time. Even though they are out there for defense, eventually Dodgers realize that the team cannot necessarily afford to ‘carry’ a player offensively meaning an all glove-no hit type.

  2. Pollock’s return should not impact Verdugo’s playing time. The kid is coming into his own and he is going to be a doubles machine. It would be a slap in his face to push him and his .300 average/.825 OPS to the bench for a guy hitting .223 with a .617 OPS……….Then there is the defensive fall off from one guy to the other…….Verdugo has a cannon for an arm in the outfield and Pollock’s arm is now average on his best day. I just do not understand Roberts loyalty to Pollock on this decision.

    1. I dont think it’s Roberts loyalty towards him but the fact that he is being paid a lot of money. Plus if he is able to get going that is a much need right handed power bat in the lineup. Either way dodgers are in a good place.

  3. The problem with Pollock is that the Dodgers have him for 4 1/2 more years. A one or 2 year deal, OK but 5? The FO knew that Verdugo was ready so what are they saying about the kid? Unless they were trying to trade someone else (Pederson or Taylor) and it fell through; the signing didn’t make sense. I know the “additional right side bat” argument but for 5 years? When it’s all said and done Pollock will spend at least 2 of those years on the IL. So they’re stuck with him and the only way he gets traded is a bad contract swap with a team that has the same problem. And we all just know there will be a number of right handed outfield bats available in 30 days.

  4. PLEASE remember that we are without Corey Seager for the next 2 months; moving Taylor to SS that frees up an outfield spot (Petersen/Verdugo).

    I also see the Dodgers moving a few position players in the very near future such as:

    – Barnes to make room for a younger catcher.
    – Petersen to package him to get a solid reliever
    – Garcia, Floro, or Alexander for cash considerations.

  5. What de need Is to play Billinger at first against right picherts. Then verdugo pederson and Pollock out there.
    For me Is urgent to Solve second base lack of production Kike Is an excelent utility player.

  6. Barnes is the first that has to go.He can’t hit and has no power. Will Smith will be making his way back to the majors and replace him.You can’t have Barnes, Hernandez and Taylor in the lineup on any given day at the same time.That’s when the Dodgers have their lowest run production. Kiki is a nice player but only a utility player.Taylor is the best of the three.When Pollock comes back he should be platooned against right handed pitchers.Not a great signing for the number of years he’ll be here.

  7. I am sure the FO is studying the whole issue. As long as we are ahead we have that cushion, but soon, the Post Season will be here and we will be tested. I take comfort in the reality that as a team, THEIR first priority is to save money. THEN it is to win on the field. THEY have won big financially. It’s taking to the next level and winning on the field. WE don’t matter in this. Please remember, WE are still left out of the TV viewing. Los Angeles still cannot watch the Dodgers on TV anywhere. MLB TV has a local blackout and Spectrum (Time Warner’s twin) cannot be broadcast locally, due to the Dodgers contract they singed with TW/Spectrum

  8. natural born slit Verdugo against right handed pitching and pollock against left handed pitching. Pollock will need 2-4 days off each week when he first come back

  9. I feel he lost his job to Verdugo. That’s life. He has not played up to his name. Give him lots of time in OKC and I think he should earn his way back or it will create chemistry problems in the L.A. clubhouse.

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