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Dodgers News: Alex Verdugo and Matt Beaty Make Baseball History

There’s just something about the Dodgers and historic feats this season. Two rookies, in back-to-back nights, hit a walk-off home run, and that made history. It was the first time in MLB history that a team had two rookies hit a walk-off home run in consecutive games, according to Elias Sports.

Looking Back

It’s a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the ninth inning. Rookie infielder Matt Beaty walks up to the plate with two outs and Max Muncy on first base. He gets set and takes the first pitch from Rockies’ reliever Jario Diaz for a ball. On the next pitch, Diaz throws a fastball at 97 MPH but Beaty swings and drives it to right-center field. The ball clears the fence, the crowd goes wild and the Dodgers win 4-2.

The following night, rookie outfielder Alex Verdugo walks up to the plate in the bottom of the 11th inning with one out. The score is tied at 4 and the Rockies have Jesus Tinoco on the mound. He gets Verdugo into a 1-1 count and then delivers a fastball at 94 MPH. Verdugo swings and hits it into the Rockies bullpen, giving the Dodgers a 5-4 victory.

It’s rare to see walk-off home runs happen on back to back nights, but it’s not unheard of. The Dodgers last did it in 1999 with Gary Sheffield and Raul Mondesi, according to MLB Stats. And now we got to see two rookies do it for the first time ever.

The Dodgers continued to prove that they are, in fact, “nastyyy.”

The boys can hit! The boys can hit!”

      -Alex Verdugo


Rookie catcher Will Smith hit a walk-off home run the next day, which pushed the streak to three.

The Dodgers, led by three rookies, have now completed a three-game sweep of the Rockies.

They will not be able to build on the streak as they start a seven-game road trip tomorrow.

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  1. Pretty amazing we can have such talented kids coming up through the farm system.

    Been watching the Dodgers all year and I have to say that Alex Verdugo is the real deal.
    Not sure what Roberts is going to do when Pollock comes back, but please do not relegate Alex to the bench. This guy is good and I am concerned that Pollock can’t/won’t drive in as many runs or field anywhere near as good as Alex has been doing.

    1. Scott, no issue of that happening as far as Verdugo goes. Because of the anticipated return of Pollock, you are seeing the reason why Joc Pederson will be playing some 1st base against RHP. That allows BOTH Verdugo and Pollock to be in the OF and of course Bellinger is the MAN in RF

  2. Will Smith is on his way back to the Big Club. Our already powerful lineup has gotten more powerful. I am sorry Freese is on the DL, but youth must be served. This is one of the most powerful Dodger lineups I have seen in years. Go Blue!!!

    1. BLUE LOU! Greetings from the birthday boy, which is me! LOL Just turning 25…:-) Hopefully Freese won’t be out past the 10 days but Will Smith is back and that means Dodgers may be utilizing either him (Smith) or either Barnes or Martin as back ups at 1st for Joc and at 3B for JT.

  3. It’s great to see some of our AAA talent excelling in “the show”!!! Makes me realize we can be good for a long time!!

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