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Dodgers News: Be Patient With Dave Roberts

One of the things that has been subtly preached all season long has been patience. That patience stretches to the front office and the players on the field, but perhaps no one deserves more of the fanbase’s patience than the Los Angeles Dodgers’ new manager Dave Roberts. After all, he still is learning.

It’s a tough thing for a coach to have to learn the job on the fly in his first season, especially with a team that most people picked to win their fourth straight division championship. It’s a lot of pressure, and while Roberts has made some mistakes thus far, you still need to remain patient with him.

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From Houston Mitchell, contact reporter for the Los Angeles Times:

Plus, if you see the team on the field and in the dugout, they seem a lot more spirited. They seem more like one team instead of just 25 guys. They rallied to defeat Arizona on Thursday and took two of three in the series. So, I remain very high on Roberts and I am willing to cut him a lot of slack the first couple of months as he gets his managerial legs under him.

As Mitchell accurately states, the players on the Dodgers definitely seem to be playing with a lot more spunk and energy with Roberts at the helm as opposed to the previous regime. Yasiel Puig is hustling nonstop, players just look like they’re having fun, and they’re enjoying themselves. That levity and brotherhood is huge.

There’s no telling what will happen with the Dodgers this season, but with Roberts in control of things you have to at least be patient for a little while. If he’s still making rookie mistakes by the summer, then go insane. For now? Enjoy what you’re seeing. It’s fun baseball, and baseball is meant to be fun.

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