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Dodgers News: Big Clayton Kershaw Update For Thursday

Right now, the Dodgers are mending fences and healing up their starting pitching staff. While Rich Hill continues to recover from a balky knee, the biggest name on the shelf is Clayton Kershaw. On Monday, a rather big Kershaw update came to us all. Furthermore it was a positive one.

Let’s see what Ken Gurnick and Pedro Moura dropped on twitter in regards to Kershaw.

Indeed, Kershaw will be in game action when he starts Thursday’s contest at AAA Oklahoma City. Moreover, Dave Roberts said the organization will be watching more than Kershaw’s stat line.

“It’s just seeing how he responds,” Roberts said. “As far as you’re looking at the wincing and making sure he feels healthy number one and most importantly.”

Without question – no matter how Kershaw performs – the biggest takeaway from the outing will be seeing how Kershaw feels when it wraps up.

Then, it would be reasonable to expect possibly another tune-up outing before being put on a plane to Los Angeles. That would work for a smooth transition to be dropped into the Dodgers’ starting rotation that right now features a few interchangeable pieces in Ross Stripling and Julio Urias.

Kershaw added that he’s looking to get some work in.

“I think you definitely get your work in,” Kershaw, 31, said. “You throw your pitches. You get up and down, which is the most important thing. As far as like intensity or adrenaline that you might have, there’s always probably a tick more when you’re doing a spring training game against another team with fans in the stands and things like that. So a minor league rehab game will mimic that a little bit.”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and our eyes towards Thursday’s outing at Oklahoma City.

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  1. Great news! Still believe Clayton has another ERA title ahead of him and one more Cy before he says time to go.

    1. How about a cover to cover postseason for once instead of always floundering either in the nlcs or World Series

  2. Where are all those shills that said we had world class pitching this year? Haven’t heard from you guys lately. The rotation is fine for now but that bullpen is hot garbage, not gonna be able to win tight games with that, the offense can’t score 10 runs a game they’re gonna have to win these low scoring tight games so far they’ve blown both

  3. My concern is 31-yr old Kershaw has more mileage on his pitching arm than Kershaw before he was having his recurring injuries and therefore Not the same. Kelly and Baez implosions are troubling. I hope Buehler’s 5-earned runs, 3 innings pitched, 0 K’s is just that, one bad start and Not a harbinger of things to come. Finally, the batting-lineup/positiion players is determined by the opposing team’s pitcher LHP or RHP. Moving forward the Dodgers will face 3-consecutive LHPs, Bumgarmer, Holland and Tyler Anderson w/Rockies. To me it seems like the Dodgers offense struggles when Pederson & Muncy do Not start even against LHP. I wish the Dodgers decision makers would allow Pederson, Muncy to start against LHP and let them “sink or swim.” Looks like Pederson will not start for 3-more games. Opposing teams will stack their LHPs against the Dodgers.

  4. I’m going to guess since Kershaw will pitch OKC Dodgers opening day, the game is already sold-out. Got to be a treat for the AAA team of the Dodgers to have a major-leaguer such as Kershaw pitch for them. Curious, how much advanced-notice did OKC have before they were told Kershaw would be pitching their opening day?

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