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Dodgers News: Braves’ Starter Kris Medlen Continues To Sound Bitter

The Dodgers and Braves get Game 1 of the NLDS started tomorrow night and Braves starter Kris Medlen has had choice words for the Dodgers and starter Clayton Kershaw the past two days.

Yesterday, the Braves complained about how nobody picked them during the regular season and that the Dodgers were getting all the attention to start the series. Well, Medlen said yesterday that the Braves could beat Kershaw or whoever (what else do you expect him to say), but today had some more interesting quotes for Mark Saxson of

We’ve missed him twice this year both times we played, but I think our team, the confidence that we have, he missed us, Medlen said.

I’m not quite sure what Medlen is talking about, but reading into it sounds like he believes the Braves bats can handle the likely Cy Young award winner. Like I said above, I wouldn’t expect the Braves or Medlen to say anything more, but it just stinks of bitterness and jealousy.

Kershaw made one start in 2011 against the Braves at Turner Field and pitched seven innings allowing just two earned runs and struck out 10.

Now, many point to the fact the Braves beat the Dodgers five out of seven times back in May and June and Medlen harped on that again:

The Dodgers are a great team, big-name players, but we had to play against them during the regular season and we played pretty well, Medlen said. All the attention, I mean, we’re not running for prom king. We’re ready to play this series and play this team.

Ah, Medlen is giving the Dodgers bulletin board material and if they needed any extra motivation going into the series, here it is. Going in Medlen’s favor is he’s pitched well against the Dodgers this season, but what he and several others forget, this isn’t the same Dodger team.


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Ross Gasmer

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  1. Hope they don’t try to rush Ethier back without his being able to turn sharply. It could be disasterous if he needs just a few days more rest for the NLCS.

  2. Well, when we beat them, do they have a pool we can jump into? =-) Then Kris Medlen can be really upset.

  3. Medlen will be pedaling all the way to the LOSER bracket. Dis my boyz in blue like that. Clayton’s gonna eat you alive.

  4. yes, his team swept 3 from l.a. when the dodgers were in the midst of their 20-32 start. next matchup dodgers split 4 and really should have won at least 3 of those games. l.a. won first two in atlanta then blew game 3 and lost game 4. as dennis green would say, dodger knew who the braves were let em off the hook the hook. meanwhile kershaw and dodgers put those fools to sleep in game one. i was workign but heard that kershaw fanned 6 straight batters at one point.

    i remember back in 88 when mets ace david cone opened his pie-hole badmouthing the dodgers and was then beaten w/i an inch of his life in game 1 by a pissed off l.a team. this kid should learn not to give the opponent bulletin board material…dope!

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