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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger Activated, Albert Pujols Lands on the Injured List

The Dodgers essentially need to win all 6 games this week in the final stretch of the year. Chasing the Giants by 2 games in the NL West, it looks like their only hope is to win out and hope for San Francisco to stumble when it matters most. 

To prepare for this 6 game stretch, the Dodgers are making some moves. They activated Cody Bellinger off of the injured list today after he’s been dealing with hat fractured rib. Today was the first day he was eligible to come off of the IL. 

The expectation was that he would not be ready to go today. Dave Roberts said that the Dodgers did not want to put a hard date on him and that Tuesday was not necessarily the goal. He had been progressing a little slower than they had hoped from that rib injury. 

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Bellinger was activated but is not in the Dodgers lineup on Tuesday evening against the Padres. The move sounds like it was more out of necessity with a spot on the bench opening up in the same move. 

The Dodgers sent Albert Pujols to the injured list with an undisclosed injury in the same move that activated Bellinger. No word yet from the team on the injury or how serious that might be. But before this, there were no indications that Albert was working through something. 

Bellinger being on the bench after being activated seems to indicate he was activated earlier than planned. More to come on this. 

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  1. Don’t worry Dodger fans. Bellinger is back to save the day. His strikeouts and popups will put us over the top.

  2. I was confused at first when I didn’t see a Belli article from the Belliholic Dodger Nation.

    Silly me. Here it is.

    I guess we can officially commit DR to the Belliholics Anon as well.

    My name is Dave, and I wuv Belli, berry berry much.

      1. So true. I was trying to light heartedly ignore the more damaging reality, that Pujols is out.

  3. Great, so we sit a guy who is at least producing against left handed pitchers and we replace someone who is hitting .150 against the batting practice pitchers.

    1. I have to admit that I agree. DR is the paid scapegoat, so I play along. But I do suspect the FO is pulling the strings.

  4. This was already written as Roberts wasn’t going to let Belli go to far….sorry Albert, sorry Beatty, who happens to be batting .241 as opposed to Belli’s .148. Dodgers are 1 & 3 against the Brers, so they will as I said end up 4 games out. Makes no difference. After the loses to the Brers, only the Home field advantage might save the day for the Dogs against the Cards. Then everyone can just watch Belli beat the Giants solo. His new Swing is gonna kill!……ahem……right. Why not be positive? We’re not going to watch the games thinking that they will lose are we? Not me. Let’s go Dodgers!

    1. Sorry Dodger Boy, but what the hell is wrong with you. THE SEASON IS NOT OVER BY ANY STRETCH. I am reasonably sure you are a fairly long time Dodger fan and have lived through the good and the bad time with them, but I for one am not going to count this team out until the 27th out in whatever game that might be and I don’t think the Dodgers are going to be on the losing side in the final game. Sure we all get frustrated and I for one have ripped Roberts many a time and do hope the the FO makes a change win or lose. But again I wilt NOT consider our season a failure and I believe that we are going to win it all again,. Just one more comment, I have rooted for this team come hell or high water since they played in Brooklyn and will until I am no longer able to do so.

      1. I’m sorry Harry, but you must be drunk or high on something. Roberts has failed this team with his stupid decision making and that is why we aren’t in first place. The Giants just won’t loose and they will end up winning the division, while the Dodgers will play the wildcard game against the Cardinals, who have just won 17 games in a row. Wake up to reality, Harry.

        1. Time will tell and I do believe as stated that I have no questions about Roberts inability to manage this or any team, but this season is not over. So what the hell if the Cards have won 17 in a row or if they win out in the regular season. Ain’t no guarantees my friend. I don’t think Scherzer is going to give a rats butt about how many games the Cards have won in a row. One more comment is that the Dodger teams have won a hell of a lot more games under Roberts not because of his abilities as a manager, but because they are pretty damn good and they will pull together again in spite of Roberts. Lastly, I live in reality and fully expect them to win. SUPPORT THE TEAM!

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