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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Available, but ‘Not at 100 Percent’

After a quick stint on the IL with a rib fracture, Cody Bellinger is once again active for the Dodgers. The move came Tuesday afternoon after Albert Pujols was added to the Covid IL with symptoms related to his second vaccine.

Seeing Cody back in the lineup is encouraging, especially after it appeared that he might miss significant time due to the injury. It doesn’t, however, mean that he is fully healthy.

With Gavin Lux remaining in center field for Tuesday’s series opener against the Padres, Dave Roberts was asked pregame if this was something to expect going forward.

I’m not sure yet. I think that we have a lot of good options. I think that Gavin is playing really good baseball. He’s getting better each day in the outfield. Cody is active. He took batting practice on Sunday, and he looked good. He’s not at 100 percent, but he’s pretty dang near close to it. So, he’ll be available in any capacity tonight.. we’ll see how it goes.

Prior to going on the IL, Cody was hitting a mere .073 in the month of September – that’s 3 hits in 46 total plate appearances. To say that he has been struggling is an understatement, but the team remains hopeful that he can turn it around in time for the postseason.

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2021 has not been kind to the former MVP, but injuries have played a large role in his struggles. Off-season shoulder surgery did not allow him to train as he would have liked over the winter, and he just never found a rhythm at the plate. Luckily for both him and the Dodgers, his defense has helped him remain a staple in the lineup while he continues to search for his offense again.

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  1. A 100% Cody = .159 BA

    What’s a ‘not 100%’ Cody equal?

    Inquiring minds don’t really want to hear that answer.

    1. There is good news however. Of the 13 runners the Dodgers LOB last nite against a team ready to go on vacation, Cody only left 2 runners stranded I think. He’s “getting so close”

  2. “Cody is active. He took batting practice on Sunday, and he looked good He’s not at 100 percent, but he’s pretty dang near close to it. So, he’ll be available in any capacity tonight.. we’ll see how it goes. THANKS- (Mr. who-plays favourites) -Roberts that’s really assuring”…..NOT!!

    1. Hey, I was going to post that! I guarantee you that with his batting average most clubs would have him in the minors trying to work things out. But of course we have an “manager” named Dave Bellinger-roberts

  3. Did I miss something? Did Bellinger’s batting average suddenly make a massive lead to .290 or something? Why on Earth does anyone look forward to have a dead bat in the lineup?

    1. Hey Paul, I’m going to Lakeview tomorrow for a Mule Deer hunt. No wifi for range. There’s a great site called Ramsfans…….United………..Check it out Rams have the right coach and owner……I have my camper radio so I won’t need any Nerf footballs to chuck at DRRRRRRRRRRR on the T.V.

  4. Over the last month Bellinger’s average is less than .100! Last night he registered his usual inning killing, runners stranded out. Right now he might be the MVP for the Giants in a special category for players not on their rooster.

    Roberts seems fixated on analytics except when it comes to Bellinger.

    100% of zero is not a large number.

  5. Over the last month Bellinger’s average at the plate is less than .100. He has a serious problem with his hitting and should have been sent down a long time ago. Sticking with the big club in between injuries has actually made his slump worse, not better. Does Roberts – for all his love of analytics – not even look at the stats?

    100% of zero is still zero.

  6. Roberts continues being the worst manager in baseball with a winning record. He activates the worst bat in baseball then uses him with 2 runners on base expecting a miracle. NOT. But no worries, he looks good. So what, he finally got a haircut, like that was going to help his bat. But hey, at least he hit the ball so he’s improving. Who cares that he hit it straight into the shift. At least he didn’t pop up or strike out. Almost hope they lose the WC game so they maybe get rid of this bum. That’s ALMOST.

    1. Yes and yes again Ed….There are at least 29 other managers that could steer this ship. Roberts is a mess. If you watch ANY interview with him he always starts with ” UHHHHHHHHH” says everything…

      1. Just seeing DRRRRRRRR on TV during the game upsets me. But even if Dodgers get bounced in that WC game unfortunately it won’t rid the team of Roberts or Bellinger and anyway Cody’s trade value is at its lowest right now too.

  7. Curious–since we tracked EVERY K/LOB, where’s everyone after the timely HR + base knock/RBI Weds/Thurs? Or do we only come out like vultures, when something’s dying?
    People act as if his bad year is a MORAL FAILING on his part, like he got repeatedly injured & struggled on purpose!! Sorry, major surgery + tender, newly-repaired shoulder + bad base (fracture & related hamstring issues), & CB ALWAYS in his own head, pressing SO HARD, always? NO CHANCE. Bad year for sure, 100% predictable.
    Know what else is predictable? Bellinger’s comeback. So let’s fer shur trade him for pittsburgh’s #101-ranked prospect so we can watch CB crushing it elsewhere b/c we’re mad he got hurt (& for roberts running him out there to fail instead of sending him to AZ to finish healing & find his swing, like I begged 2+ months ago). Amazing how PERSONAL people get towards CB. Some of the same people, BTW, who advocated ALSO ditching seager.
    I remember a time when dodger fans HONORED a player playing through serious pain & multiple injuries. We must be pretty heartless & spoiled.

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