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Dodgers News: Corey Seager Appears In Game For First Time Since May 2018

Finally, it happened. Corey Seager played baseball today, getting in to three innings of a minor league game. Nevertheless, Seager didn’t face a ton of action and didn’t take any at-bat’s. Those steps in the progression should come next for the phenomenal young shortstop.

Equally important – here’s the proof we have that Seager was on a baseball field today – getting after it. Thanks to our friend Bill Plunkett for the photo.

After the event, Plunkett spoke to Seager about how he felt.

It was nice to move around, it was. It’s been a long time and it was nice to get on the field again. For the most part it was a lot smoother than I expected.

Seager is an honest player and should be taken at his word. Moreover, if he said he felt good; he probably feels ready for more action in his next appearance. It will be interesting to see what transpires when Seager faces live pitching.

Still, the Dodgers remain staunch in their opinion that Seager will be ‘ready’ for Opening Day. Ken Gurnick of re-iterated Seager’s statement of things going better than expected.

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With just two weeks until Opening Day arrives, Seager is in a relative race against time. Without question, if there’s any young man on the roster who can beat long odds, it’s Seager. However, we will need continued help and monitoring of this careful situation to see if Seager is penciled in the starting lineup on March 28 when the games count.

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  1. Corey’s a stud. There’s so little fake in this kid, he doesn’t belong in LaLaLand. (But the Dodgers will do for now).
    I want to believe that the Dodgers are doing what is necessary to win in October, NOT necessarily what would win them 100 regular season games. With that said, the modern day player is pushing Regular season stats to justify their next contract. The two are in conflict and the Dodgers are swimming in unchartered waters. Being an optimist at heart, I’m hoping for this to work out.
    Could you imagine this approach 50-60 years ago, what a joke it would be.

    Come to think about it…….what has truly changed?

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