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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Confirms LA’s Starting Pitcher for Sunday

The Padres beat the Giants today. That means the Giants actually lost a baseball game! With that, the Dodgers’ path to a 9th straight division title is still on the table. Julio Urias got the start for LA tonight in Los Angeles with a whole lot on the line. Not only is he looking to keep those division hopes alive, but he’s also going for win number 20 on the season.

One area that’s been on the table for the last few days for the Dodgers is who would start on Sunday. Walker Buehler was originally scheduled for the regular season finale, but Dave Roberts put some doubt on that while he waited to see how the NL West played out. Now, ahead of Saturday night’s game at Dodger Stadium — and before San Francisco’s loss, Doc confirmed that the plan either way was to go with Walker on Sunday.

Walker’s gonna start. We’ll just kind of see how much leash we’re gonna give him. 

Not only will Buehler start at 12:10 PM PT with the division on the line, he’ll also look to pad his NL Cy Young award chances one final time. Moreover, with the Giants losing, it sounds like Dave will let Walker pitch as deep as needed for Sunday’s finale.

With this start, Butane would be in line to start next on Friday, October 8th… or game 1 of the NLDS. Let’s just hope the Dodgers can get there as division champs!

Buckle up, Dodgers Nation…

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  1. Urias was absolutely amazing tonight! Dodgers fans showed him much appreciation, and he deserved that ovation.

  2. Winning 20 games in your first full time year as a starter is huge. In fact winning 20 games in any season is huge, SPs don’t start as often as they used to, and don’t go as deep into games as they used to. 20 win seasons are a rarity. For the same reason, the career 300 game winning pitcher is probably a thing of the past as well. Congrats to Urias. Also Urias hit 96 mph with his fastball more than a few times tonight. His arm is fine, and ready for the postseason, despite many more innings and pitches this season.

        1. and we got Max on our team now – with arguably the 3 best starters in all of baseball!.. Win the WC game, and then we win every series in the postseason!

  3. I expect Buehler to treat tomorrow like a postseason game. And he’s lights out in those pressure games. The Padres are pitching a nobody tomorrow. But hopefully they can pull off one more win. The Cardinals got smacked by the lowly Cubs to bring them farther back down to earth, just in case we have to play them in the WC. So everything was good today. Hope it continues tomorrow. The Dodgers are hitting better than they have all season. Good timing. Go Dodgers.

  4. Just a great job reporting thank you first time I actually read one of your post period but awesome

  5. Not sure I agree using Buehler for the a Sunday game. If there’s a game 163, Scherzer will pitch? If we lose and have to play Wednesday, Gonsolin would get the start. That’s a lot riding on a winner take all game for Tony. They need to keep Buehler or Scherzer in reserve for Wednesday, if needed.

    1. I agree. Odds of SF losing with Webb vs. a rookie are slim, so it makes more sense to pitch Gonsolin Sunday, preserving Sherzer & Buehler for first two postseason games, however they are configured. Unfortunately, to do this would look like conceding Sunday game, so I think Roberts is backed into a corner. Maybe he can pitch Buehler just a couple of innings, get a big lead, and use him again Wednesday (assuming SF loses & Sherzer pitches Monday).

    2. Agree. Brewers probably not too motivated today and our bullpen might as well be a frontline starter. Throw in the fact that the Pads are throwing a rook vs an ace, mmmm. At this point, I’m 100% confident our offense gets it done today. If 163 happens, Bueller gets his shot at revenge….

    3. I think you have to win for today, let the chips fall where they may for tomorrow. Keep putting pressure on the Giants!

  6. I’m surprised Roberts didn’t say he would let Bellinger pitch in the last game. All good little league coaches let their son pitch in last game of season.
    Just kidding.
    For the first time all season long the Giants have to feel a little pressure don’t they? Let’s see how they respond for a change.

  7. If Dodgers loose game 163 Gonsolin can start for 2 innings Urias can go 3 then bring in bullpen. Urias closed out the World Series with 2 days rest so he can pitch with 1 extra day.He’s the only one that’s effective with few days rest out of dodger’s 3 aces.

  8. Selena Marquez, who is Butane, where did he come from and why is he pitching next Friday, Oct. 8th?

  9. I’d sit Buehler today. If it was a matter of a win today clinches the west then of course not, but it’s nowhere near that. A Gonsolin-led bullpen game against Wainwright and the Cardinals is not acceptable to me. For those of you who will blame Roberts for however this goes, wake up. This is one of those ‘organizational decisions’, I’m pretty sure. Which to me means Roberts is part of the discussion, but not simply making the call.

    Kudos to MLB for mandating same start time for all games on last day though. Sucks for the Dodgers this time, but still clearly the right thing to do.

    1. Dave, you must be joking right? First off, no way the scorching hot Dodger Bats lose to a 40 year old! Secondly, Roberts only has the highest winning percentage of any Dodger Manager in history! All you DR haters get off his case.

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