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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Knows From Experience What Mookie Betts Means in Boston

Dave Roberts owns one of the most iconic stolen bases in the Boston Red Sox history since it helped to halt an 86-year World Series drought. The Red Sox fans love Roberts. This has certainly helped Roberts identify with Mookie Betts’ trials this weekend.

When Roberts returned to Boston after helping the club win it all in 2004, he did so in a Giants uniform. That didn’t stop the Fenway faithful from expressing their appreciation before his first at-bat.

The Dodger manager spoke with reporters after Friday’s 7-4 win and touched on what Betts is experiencing.

“Mookie doesn’t like a whole lot of attention. But when you’re a superstar player, coming back to a great city, you’re gonna get it.”

Betts said he never thought he would leave Boston as a player, but he is happy with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“This was a special chapter in my life,” Betts said. “And where I’m at now, it’s a little bit easier to look back and look at that young kid and tell him, ‘Good job.'”

This trip to Fenway Park gives Betts closure. Any time a player gets traded away from his original major league team, it is difficult. However, Betts understands baseball is a business, and the Red Sox wanted to lower their payroll and create some payroll flexibility. With Boston, Betts won a world championship, American League MVP, three Silver Sluggers, and five Gold Gloves.

Betts wants to win his second world championship with the Dodgers and the National League MVP. When Betts goes into the Hall of Fame, he will be a Dodger. He isn’t losing any sleep because Boston traded him.   

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