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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Reveals that Enrique Hernandez Will Be in Lineup for Game 1

Something a bit surprising to see from a Dave Roberts led Dodgers team is Kiké Hernandez in the lineup less and less for LA. After starting often for the club early in the season, by the final few weeks, his role had diminished as Chris Taylor picked up more time at second base. Moreover, usually a lefty pitcher masher, Kiké actually suffered from reverse splits in 2020 (.237 BA vs RHP, .217 vs LHP).

Additionally, usually a playoff starter for the Dodgers, his name has yet to have been penciled into the starting lineup this postseason. At least until Monday. Over the weekend, Roberts revealed at least one change to his starting lineup for game 1.

He’ll be in there against [Max] Fried [on Monday].

Notably, this is the first time the Dodgers will be facing a left-handed starter this October. At least one that’s expected to go more than 1 or 2 innings. While Hernandez has struggled in what may very well be his final season donning Dodger blue, Doc still loves the intangibles the utility man brings.

The one thing that Kiké always brings is defense and intensity and preparation. I still like him in the batter’s box — he’s gonna compete.

Kiké is 1-3 against Fried in his career, so it’s not a past success situation. Doc is going on his gut as he looks to optimize the defense and the DH position.

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  1. Roberts does like his little pets! I guess now that One of his other pets, Jansen is done, he needs to get Kiki into the lineup more! Dodgers will probably win anyway. I guess we have to remember what’s most important here, and that is the players self esteem.

      1. I remember those homeruns too, very fondly, but Kike has a lifetime Post season BA of .202. To be fair though, because of DH this year there is an extra slot in order and Kiké is much better against lefties.

  2. When you Mr. Tim have the best manager’s winning percentage in the history of MLB then you can show us how it is done… I’m sure we’ll learn an awful lot…

  3. I hear what you are saying quintediese. Even the most incompetent manager can win when you are handed the best team in baseball. Except of course in the post season when it takes more than talent to win. There you need a knowledgable manager.

  4. Hernandez on any other team would be a top line starter. Congratulations to him for the hard work and moxie. Question #2, can #22 find the fire and mow down the upstart Braves. I believe he will. #GOBLUE

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