Dodgers: Turner, Hernández, Pederson Among Those Who May Be Playing Their Final Home Game at Dodger Stadium

With a victory in tonight’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Dodgers would punch their ticket to the NLDS for an eighth consecutive season. But while that accomplishment definitely requires some celebration, it could also be a bittersweet moment for some fans and players alike.

The remaining rounds of this year’s National League postseason will be played in Houston and Arlington, regardless of who advances. That being said, tonight could be the final game that the Dodgers play at home in 2020… meaning that this could also be the last game at Dodger Stadium for a few long-time Dodgers.

Several players have contracts that are set to expire once the season concludes, including fan favorites like Justin Turner and Enrique Hernández. Below is the full list of players who will be free agents the day after the World Series.

Dodgers 2021 Free Agents

  • Justin Turner
  • Joc Pederson
  • Enrique Hernández
  • Alex Wood
  • Pedro Báez
  • Blake Treinen
  • Jake McGee

Without a doubt, the losses that will be felt the most would be Turner, Hernández, and Pederson. Regardless of their 2020 production, these three have been an extremely important piece of the LA roster for years and will always be remembered fondly by fans.

This isn’t to say that each of these individuals will definitely be gone after this season. A player like Justin Turner will almost definitely be offered a deal to come back. But at the end of the day, baseball is still a business and money will factor into the decisions made by the front office over the winter.

So on the chance that Thursday night is the final time we get to see these three at Chavez Ravine in Dodger blue, let’s all take a moment to appreciate everything that they’ve brought to this team and this city.

Justin Turner’s Dodgers Highlights

From his first hit with the Dodgers to the biggest one of his career, these are only a few of the moments from his time in LA that have made him a Dodger great.

Kíké Hernández’s Dodgers Highlights

Hernández has been the Dodgers’ do-it-all guy since 2015 and has been a clubhouse favorite along the way. From spectacular defensive plays to one of the best offensive games of his life, here are a few memories from his time in Dodger blue.

Joc Pederson’s Dodgers Highlights

Say what you want about Pederson’s lack of consistency, but he has been a Dodgers sparkplug in October. His timely home runs and infectious energy have helped the Dodgers when it matters most, and his time in LA has been filled with amazing memories.

Final Thoughts

These three guys in particular, along with a special shoutout to Pedro Báez, have been instrumental during this incredible run of success Dodgers fans have been enjoying this past decade. Whatever happens beyond the World Series, we can always be eternally grateful for their service in blue.

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Daniel is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown teams. If he's not watching baseball, you can find him playing or coaching. No matter what, he'll always root for the Boys in Blue!


  1. I’m feeling really sad after reading this.
    I think Joc and Kiké have to go. Specially Joc.
    But it’s just because things that happen in the field (especially at bat), because I love them badly.
    It was sad to see Alex Verdugo leaving, as well as Ryu, Kenta, Martin and Freese.
    It’s part of the game and we must focus on improving, but it’s sad.
    If they leave, I hope to see them coming out with a ring. They deserve.

    And JT is not going anywhere.

  2. They will sign Turner to a short term deal. I believe they will allow Kike and Joc to go as they have as good or higher ceiling players in the wings.
    I would sign Baez and attempt to sign Treinen & possibly McGee. They do have young arms that can fill the gap like Sborz, Graterol, Gonzalez, etc.
    If they do not win the WS this year which I believe they will not with Roberts as manger they will never win it. Hopefully, they fire Roberts and hire a manager that will make better in-game decisions, especially with the pitching staff.

    1. Do you realize how many clubs would be lining up to hire Roberts the very next day? Who is LA going to replace him with? The Braves didn’t fire Hall of Famer Bobby Cox in the 1990’s, but following your logic, they probably should have, in 1994, the year before they finally won a world series.

    2. what are you talking about, the man won over 70 percent of his games this year and has won over 60 percent of his games as Dodger manager . Are you sure you just don’t Roberts

  3. Joc Pederson is gone for sure. It didn’t help that he hit less than .200 this season, but hitting .300 wouldn’t have kept him in a Dodger uniform. I can see Hernandez moving on as well, not necessarily because LA doesn’t want him back, but because Lux needs to play every day, and another club might be more willing to offer him a starting job + more money, in a very thin free agent pool. Unless the team does something shocking, like acquiring Lindor to play SS, and moves Seager to 3B, I can see Turner returning for a year. Hard to say which relievers will return, but odds are not all of them will. Wood has never been effective as a reliever, but is certainly the cheapest of the bunch and might be brought back for that reason.

  4. I hope Turner is back for a 2-year contract, especially with DH staying. Wood, Kiki and Joc HAVE to go. Better, cheaper players waiting. Treinen and McGee are certainly worth keeping if they don’t demand too much.

  5. Yes, Pederson, Hernandez, Wood, & some bullpen arms are gone. I am not sold on Lux as he has shown moments of freezing at bat. Not confident. Taylor is invaluable. He can play 2nd base. Hope Turner can stay, 2 year deal or so, use him as DH a lot. Rios looks very good as a hitter, work him hard at 3rd base. I also am not confident in Roberts decisions. Look how long it took him to move Betts to leadoff and leave him there. It was a nobrainer. Jansen is fading as a closer. Groom Graterol. Baez is good, sign him if price is not too high. Treinen is ok, needs to be more consistent. Smith is your everyday catcher. I guess Barnes catches Kershaw, that is it. May, Gonsolin, Urías are very good to round out starting staff. Seager is outstanding. Pollack, Bellinger, & Betts make up a great outfield. All in all I think that Roberts is not a good manager, just a cheer leader.

    1. As far as Turner goes, he will want to remain here, as Dodgers gave him his chance to become the player he is today. I see Turner as the next David Freese type of guy who actually can also fill in at 1st base as well.

      1. AZUL, simply from the standpoint of public relations, I would do everything in my powers to keep Turner in the organization. He is a player’s player, who has given much time to community relations. Pederson is as good as gone, and we do have players who can assume Kike’s role.
        Go Blue!!!!

  6. Agree about Turner. My concern is that he probably only has 1 more good payday and he may leave. He is such a good hitter & great leader. He can DH as his defensive skills deteriorate. Muncy really needs to work on his defense, not good enough. Hated to see Verdugo go but Betts is an incredible talent & player. Again, not liking the way Roberts manages. Poor in game decisions. Really need to groom Graterol for closer role.

  7. After KJ, biggest disappointments or me this year have been Muncy and Treinen. All three could/may go without weakening the club too much.
    Goodbye and thanks for the contributions to EH, AW and JP. I suspect that the latter will blossom in a different uniform. Roberts, until he wins the WS, will always be a question mark. How many years does he need to make his mark? Tempus fugit, Doc!

  8. I do not think that you give up on Muncy. This year is an aberration. He still will blossom, this or next year. Needs to work on his defense. Treinen has a good arm needs to work on his mechanics being more consistent. Angels screwed up. They should have traded for Stripling & Pederson when they had the chance. Stripling & Pederson are not a good fit in LA but would have been in Anaheim. NO the Angels Are not an LA team. Go Dodgers!

  9. If and when the Dodgers win the World Series, it will be because of the talented players, NOT Roberts.

  10. If I’m GM, I’d have to see if the DH will remain in the NL going forward. If it does, I’d sign Turner to a 2-year deal as my potential DH and spot starter at 3rd. Then I’d look for another free agent to play 3rd. Maybe try to sign Lindor to play short and move Seager to 3rd. Hernandez gets a 1-2 year deal, keep Baez, (2 yr. deal), Treinen and McGee 1 yr. but at a small investment in case they flop in ’21, then they could be released and the Dodgers wouldn’t be out much. Bye, Bye, and thanks for your service Joc and Alex

    1. Save the money you’d give Lindor for Seager, resign JT and let him and Rios share 3rd and DH, Unload some older prospects that are blocked (White, Peters, Thomas) for younger prospects, and find a new closer if Graterol can’t improve on a second pitch.

      1. Yes, Lindor is a luxury. Betts & Seager are LA’s best players. Graterol can be a closer, even though he is emotional, but great stuff. They could package Peters, & other minor leaguers & go after another pitcher. Can’t have too many. Actually, I really like Woodruff on the Brewers. Very tough competitor.

  11. I would sign Turner for a 2 year deal, regardless of DH or not. He can also play 1st. Lindor is great player but under last year of arbitration. I would inquire about a trade but not give up the house. Also, do not trade Seager & make sure Seager is happy and willing to play 3rd. He is their best player outside of Betts. Again, if no Lindor, work Rios hard at 3rd. He looks like he is going to be a very good hitter.

    1. Hernández has been great defensively but is Replaceable and expendable. Pederson should have been traded a long time ago so that they could get something for him. He could sign with the Angels, he would be a good fit there. 2pitchers that LA should go after are Trevor Bauer on the Reds or B. Woodruff on the Brewers. Either is a very good starter.

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