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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Shares Message to Miguel Vargas Before Demotion to Minors

Since the Dodgers made Miguel Vargas their second baseman before spring training began, no Dodger fan expected Vargas to end up at Triple-A by the All-Star break. However, after three-plus months of a trial run, Vargas has shown he isn’t ready for the Major Leagues offensively. At least at this time.

At no time during the 2023 season did Vargas look exceptionally comfortable while at the plate. Perhaps it’s the side effect caused by a broken pinky suffered during spring training when he wasn’t allowed to swing for the first two weeks. Bad habits stemming from that or not, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts talked about the Vargas demotion and his messaging to the rookie this week.

“None of us saw this coming,” Roberts said. “I wanted to assure him that we didn’t lose faith in him. I thought this was the right thing for him. I think the injury to his right thumb and then trying to find his swing didn’t help the situation. Then you start scuffling and you’re not getting hits when you hit the ball hard. It sped up on him.”

Via Jack Harris, LA Times.

Every casual Dodger fan could tell Vargas was pressing at the plate. In the Minor Leagues, he was a line-drive machine, and he struggled to hit line drives consistently with LA this season. He started to pull everything to have more power, and this made the situation worse. While Vargas began the season well, he never truly got going.

In 81 this season Vargas has a .195 batting average with 7 home runs and 32 RBI.

The Dodgers hope Vargas will regain his confidence and batting stroke in the Minor Leagues. Vargas still remains in the Dodgers’ plans.

Photo credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports.

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